the bob boot, refined

Item No. 60221 $775.00
As naturally rugged as the man himself, our hand-cobbled boots are real-life replicas of the cowboy classics. Redesigned for your consummate comfort in supple leather, their softness and character will be enhanced with age and experience. Handmade in USA by Luchesse® for Robert Redford. Limited quantity. Exclusive. Whole and half sizes 8 to 12, 13.

"I have worn cowboy boots most of my adult life for good reason. I love and ride horses. At some point cowboy boots entered high fashion and were worn by those with or without experience in horse work. I decided to design a boot for myself that would eliminate the rough hewn and slightly thick look and go for a more elegant, refined boot that would not only shape to the foot more but could also be used in a more formal setting." -Robert Redford.
We regret that this item is no longer available.