artist's cabin floor lamp

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Our exclusive iron and wood floor lamp—with colorful shade—embodies an element of untamed beauty.

Here's what Massachusetts artist Janna Ugone says about the iron and wood floor lamp she designed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Sundance Catalog: "I wanted to capture the essence of Sundance: an artful and original palette, a nod to vintage western woven with a unique contemporary twist, and wildlife imagery of running horses, bear, fish and more to remind us of mother nature." She succeeds, topping the iron and wood base with a colorful shade, handpainted and accented with metal details. Pull chain. USA. Exclusive. 100w. 18" dia. x 58"H. Internet Exclusive.
I first met Sundance at the Sante Fe Indian Market. In true Sundance form, they came to witness the masters on the square and jewelers behind tall wooden doors. Sundance represents the gravity of the mountains, the horses, the films, and the warmth of a team. Always, I have felt Sundance’s deeply rooted respect and long standing support of originality and creativity from film to furniture. After 25 years, Sundance continues to celebrate artisans, nurturing the artistry of those they inspire and find inspirational. The lamp I designed for Sundance’s 25th Anniversary was born from the following vision: A Sundance Artist’s cabin, displaying the work of talented artisans. Natural elements and rugged mountains mix with echoing native plantings; a colorful, handmade, woven rug adorns the floor, an intricate blanket near the hearth, and the warm glow of a painterly lamp intricately placed. This exclusive lamp captures the essence of Sundance in its artful and original palette, a nod to vintage western wovens. A unique, contemporary twist and wildlife imagery of running horses, bear, fish, and more, remind us of the preciousness of Mother Nature. Painterly, artful, unique, soulful. That’s Sundance. —Janna Ugone
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