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Their Mission: 3Arts advocates for Chicago's women artists, artists of color, and artists with disabilities who work in the performing, teaching, and visual arts.

By providing cash awards, project funding, residency fellowships, professional development, and promotion, 3Arts helps artists take risks, experiment, and build momentum in their careers. It is an artist-centric organization that impels equity in the arts. The organization's work is designed to ensure that artists who are discounted in the mainstream are supported and acknowledged in our region. With the understanding that art moves and mends communities, their investment in artists is an equal investment in the long-term wellbeing of Chicago and the region and in the vitality of our collective creative spirit. Since 2008, 3Arts has distributed $3 million to more than 600 artists.

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The Sundance Story The Sundance Story

Sundance was founded in 1969 by Robert Redford at the base of beautiful 12,000-foot Mount Timpanogos in Utah's Wasatch Mountains. The goal of the Sundance Village is to offer a community art and nature that would foster artistic pursuits and recreational activity while preserving naturally beautiful and unique environment of Sundance. The first edition of Sundance Catalog was mailed in 1989 to offer “the kinds of things that we have been privileged to collect, many of them handcrafted exclusively for Sundance.”