Fall 2014...Our 25th Anniversary
...the first year
Robert Redford
I couldn’t get a loan from the bank. The waiters didn’t show up, so the owners had to wait on tables. The stable master was more interested in the female customers than in the horses, and horses from our stables wandered in confusion all over the canyon. The Sundance Summer Theater was launched with a misfired rocket that lay fizzling on the stage. Vehicles stalled, sewers backed up, we were robbed, and the tree in the Tree Room restaurant died.

To us, Sundance is and always will be a dream being carefully nurtured. It is an area whose pledge is to creativity, independence, and the people who represent this. For example: the place, Sundance Resort in Provo Canyon, the film, music, documentary and theatre labs with the Sundance Institute, and here, Sundance Catalog. Today, 25 years later, we celebrate our journey and the discovery of new talent in design and craft.

I hope you enjoy the collection.

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