Holiday 2015
The magic of the season inspires traditions, new and old. The meaningful connection between family traditions, warm camaraderie and old school culture sets the landscape for an authentic holiday we cherish.

Our catalog features the landscape of Alta: the birthplace of American skiing in the West. Where traditions are made. This is the place I first learned to ski. And what better place: raw, real, steep and authentic. To ski it, you knew you were skiing. Create new and old traditions this season.

Enjoy our collection.

Fall 2015 | Zion National Park
Citadels of geological stone carved as life was forming. I love this place. So much so that I have made three films there: "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid", "Jeremiah Johnson" and "The Electric Horseman". The dramatic, yet calm landscape inspires artists from across the world. Enjoy.
The Last Rays Of Summer 2015
This catalog showcases the expansive and unique beauty of the Mojave Desert, where I camped and hiked as a kid.

As time moves at what appears a fast pace, time is also precious; we revel in places where time slows, where we may find a road less travelled, to be greeted with new discovery, creativity and adventure. A place with no boundary.

We hope you enjoy our newest collection.

Summer 2015
South of the border lies a land older and unique. Sayulita, Mexico is a very small, quaint seaside fishing town. Its setting inspires memories of a time gone by, a quiet time where reminiscent thoughts are possible. Remembering summer as a child—finding cool shade from the heat, the excitement of running endlessly and dreaming of what life may bring ahead of you.

I hope this catalog might inspire you to do the same.

Late Spring 2015
Savannah, Georgia. Making two films there years ago, I had the chance to absorb its gothic presence. Some might say it's magic.

With Spanish moss dripping from its branches to the fascinating weirdness of its history- ghosts sometimes still present. I wonder what our models felt?

Savannah is exciting, energetic and full of surprise. Enjoy our Spring collection. Here you will find what is new and unexpected.

Spring 2015 | Marfa, Texas
This catalog issue features the town of Marfa, Texas. Founded in the 1880s as a railroad water stop, the town is rich in authenticity, inspiring cultural and creative diversity. The large, open landscape that lights the morning and evening sky is all consuming.

With the ongoing challenge of an expanding population and urban sprawl, we embrace this small town, deeply rooted in its heritage.

Winter's Thaw 2015
With the chill of the winter air upon us, there is a glimpse of warmth on the horizon bringing us a season of discovery, rebirth and rejuvenation.

May the grandeur of the landscape, the beauty of open spaces and the awakening of a new season inspire.

Enjoy our new collection.

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