Holiday 2014
Sundance: As special as it is all year, there is nothing quite like it during wintertime which includes the holidays, of course.

The solace of quiet, where there is only the sound of the creek and the silent beauty of fresh snow falling.

And for many, the magical delight of being home with loved ones.

Peace, I hope and joy, if possible.

Fall 2014 | Our 25th Anniversary
To us, Sundance is and always will be a dream being carefully nurtured. It is an area whose pledge is to creativity, independence, and the people who represent this. For example: the place, Sundance Resort in Provo Canyon, the film, music, documentary and theatre labs with the Sundance Institute, and here, Sundance Catalog. Today, 25 years later, we celebrate our journey and the discovery of new talent in design and craft.

I hope you enjoy the collection.

Last Rays of Summer 2014
You never know if or when it may happen. So in a way it's a gift. Only better.

Bugs are gone. Autumn with its still in between air sits in the wings while you savor the warmth of summer as it comes back for another bow.

I like it because of its unpredictability. With the straining effort aided by new technology of society to capture and predict, I appreciate the freedom and the surprise.

Summer 2014
For me, in this new world of dizzying information coming at us pell mell, the word laid back has special appeal.

Witness here our models languishing in the very small island of Ambergris Caye in Belize. Its authenticity goes way, way back in time. Locals refer to the pace in this place as slow as the waves, where beauty, peace and romance are abundant. Bright colors and life are focused towards the sea.

Feel it.

Late Spring 2014 | New Orleans.
Big history here. One of America's earliest ports. Louisiana Purchase. European influenced Jewel of the South. Birthplace of Dixie land, the Blues, and Jazz.

An incredible place where cultural diversity is robust. Bold creativity comes alive and new ideas are embraced. Enjoy the vibe.

Spring 2014 | Chiapas.
A city of natural beauty that sits in a small valley, surrounded by hills. Rich in history, it showcases handcrafted architecture and local culture.

In this Spring edition you can see this beauty represented through a Spanish Colonial layout with red tiled roofs, cobblestone streets and wrought iron benches.

It is both authentic and true. Hard to find these days.


Winter's Thaw 2014
Change is a moveable force. It happens whether we like or want it. Or not. You can resist change as we’ve seen recently in some of our political ideologies. Or you can go with it and put forward the effort to make its force positive. It can push us towards renewal.

Art I believe is an agent for change. It is an expressive celebration of life in its many forms and colors. Join me if you will in this appreciation.

I hope you enjoy our newest collection.

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