Our Commitment

Like our founder Robert Redford, Sundance Catalog is a long time advocate for environmental sustainability. Since inception, Sundance Catalog has been committed to protecting our precious earth. We are far from perfect. But we certainly do try. Sundance Catalog is committed to following environmental practices that make business sense and are the least harmful to the environment. We celebrate these practices with our employees, our partners and our customers through building awareness and encouraging participation in innovative programs.

Raising Awareness

Our Employees

Our employees recycle multiple waste streams: paper, plastic, cardboard and aluminum. We support car pool programs, provide public transportation information, and circulate information for recycling electronics, hazardous waste, and pharmaceuticals. Our annual Earth Day is a companywide celebration marking a day of employee involvement.

  • For volunteer neighborhood cleanup
  • Special contests and incentives
  • Employee sustainability training

Our Office Practices

Since the mid-90s, our warehouse has shipped product using recyclable corrugated boxes and recycled shipping envelopes. In addition, our warehouse has tested and used packaging fill which is environmentally sound including biodegradable peanuts, recyclable air pillows and shredded used corrugated boxes.

Our job is to get our catalog in the right customer hands, at the right time and not to over-circulate. We take all necessary steps with our marketing service providers to ensure a clean and well-segmented customer list which means less wasted paper, less returned catalogs and higher response rates. Our environmental stewardship is a part of our everyday business concern. We don't have to make a whole lot of changes, we've been there for 20 years. As the direct mail industry evolves, we strive to maintain a common sense approach to balancing commerce and conservation — one small step at a time.

Sundances Catalog's Philosophy & Commitment To Responsible Paper Use

We are committed to procuring paper from suppliers who support the responsible management of natural resources. We recognize our responsibility to the environment and to society and take an active role in promoting sustainability. For more than a decade we have worked towards a goal to consume paper efficiently and wisely.

Sundance Catalog Company gives preference to suppliers who possess a chain of custody certificate and who promote sustainable forestry. Sundance Initiatives include:

  • Work only with suppliers who source paper from well-managed forests.
  • Require our paper suppliers to report to us on compliance, environmental issues, certifications and continual improvement initiatives.