the bob boot

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As naturally rugged as the man himself, our hand-cobbled boots are real life replicas of the cowboy classics worn by the Electric Horseman in the original big-screen production. Redesigned for your consummate comfort in supple leather, their softness and character will be enhanced with age and experience. Emblazoned with RR’s signature stamp on the sole. USA. Limited quantity. Exclusive. Whole and half sizes 8 to 12, 13. Internet Exclusive.

"Sometimes when I have nothing to do, I cobble. These boots I designed several years ago for me to wear in the film The Electric Horseman. When the Catalog was started years later we tried to replicate the boot for sale. The design was sent off to a boot maker in Texas who must have confused the design with that of a Buccaneer’s boot. The result was a disaster and I retreated to my chosen field with tail between legs. But you know the old saying, If at first you don’t succeed, etc., etc..." -Robert Redford
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