sundance ceramics mountain plates, set of 4

Item No. 65878 $298.00

Our handmade plate set is a truly special combination of artisanal handicraft, aesthetic and character.

California artist Lisa Neimeth captures the essence of Sundance in an heirloom-worthy, entirely handmade plate set. Tied with twine, a keepsake box handmade in wood and topped with a found stone knob (different on every box) holds four plates, each a different color with a design inspired by an aspect of Sundance. The 5" dia. size makes them perfect for salads, desserts, fruits, cheeses, hors d'’oeuvres. Hand washing recommended. USA. Exclusive.
In my pieces, I strive to capture the essence of "Sundance"; the natural beauty, the stewardship of both the land and the people who inhabit it. This whimsy is always celebrated in Sundance Catalog offerings which convey a deep appreciation for fine craft that is heirloom worthy. The life of an artist is often a solitary endeavor; seeing my work come alive in the pages of Sundance, and in the homes of so many who appreciate fine craft, is a real honor. This union encourages a community that celebrates the aesthetic aspects of life, the importance of preserving these traditions of craft and makers, while maintaining an environmental and social conscience. Sundance has trail blazed these values in the retail world; celebrating artisans, showcasing our work in an accessible and meaningful way. The bowl and plates created for Sundance Catalog’s 25th Anniversary reflect the figural and abstract elements of sundance- the mountains, trees, wildlife and seasons. They convey a mix of natural beauty, artistry, humor and function. The coming together of the ceramic, the wood, and the found object element in the box set provides a one of a kind reminder to customers of the unique and specialness that is sundance. —Lisa Neimeth
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