new year sky

Item No. 56711 $4,000.00

This oil painting, New Year Sky, arrests on canvas a scene of breathtaking beauty.

Originally from Salt Lake City, Nicole Strasburg now paints in Santa Barbara, California, where "nature is an inspiration and always brings me back to center, puts me in perspective of my place in the world and offers comfort in its noisy silence." Her evocative paintings focus on open space, an endless horizon and "the quiet contemplation that takes place when really spending time alone with oneself," attributes clearly visible in New Year Sky, an oil painting that captures the winter sky and seascape. Citing winter as a magical time along the Santa Barbara shoreline, Nicole seeks to capture the light that dances on the water, bouncing reflections and creating a sparkle only present in the early months of the year. Original oil painting on birch wood panel. 40"W x 18"H.
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