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Dress up jeans and perk up leggings with our hand-knit leg warmers. New Zealand wool. Hand wash. Imported. One size fits most adults.
Slouched and striped, these knee-high, Smartwool® socks double as legwarmers. Merino wool/nylon/elastane. Machine wash. USA. Knee-high Smartwool® socks set in multi. Set of 2. One size fits most adults.
Old-fashioned frippery, ever alluring. SmartWool® tights are jacquard woven with rose motifs, different on each leg. Merino wool/nylon/elastic. Machine wash. Imported. Sizes S (5' to 5'4"/100 to 130 lbs.), M (5'4" to 5'8"/120 to 150 lbs.), L (5'6" to 5'10"/140 to 170 lbs.).
Nylon/spandex. Made in the USA. Sizes S, M, L.