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A long aquamarine and kyanite necklace, in which Lena Skadegard scatters kyanites and 18kt gold beads among aquamarines. 18kt vermeil hook clasp. A handcrafted exclusive. Approx. 38"L.
$1,290.00   $999.99
This sterling hamsa amulet necklace brings together a hamsa amulet for protection, gems of peridot, aquamarine, carnelian and coral for healing, and a leaf representing the Josie King Foundation, advocating safe patient care in hospitals. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the cause. Exclusive. Handcrafted in USA of sterling silver; lobster clasp. 16"L.
$128.00   $99.99
In our sterling cube and pendant necklace, an array of sterling silver cubes and pendants brings together two bead-embellished leather cords. Handmade in USA with 24kt vermeil beads and hook clasp. Exclusive. Approx. 18"L.
$128.00   $99.99
A ruby and citrine necklace, wherein those two gemstones pair up with pink tourmaline and opal, clustering around a figure-eight pendant, clinging to 14kt goldfilled links. Exclusive. Handmade in USA by Thoi Vo. Lobster clasp. 16" to 19"L.
$295.00   $239.99
A unique raw diamond necklace, wherein rough diamond chips foretell the fire of Kyoko Honda's centerpiece: a cut stone set in 14kt gold. Spring ring clasp. Handcrafted in USA. 15" to 16"L.
$690.00   $549.99
A dangling pearl and gemstone necklace, wherein sapphires, rubies and green garnets trace a colorful course to the pristine luster of a plump cultured pearl. 14kt goldplate; lobster clasp. Handcrafted. Exclusive. 17"L with 2-1/2" drop.
$225.00   $179.99
A single bronze lotus leaf joins brass cube beads on the clasp-free strand of this lotus leaf link necklace. Moonstone rondelles shimmer softly at regular intervals. Sundance exclusive handmade in USA. 29"L.
$238.00   $189.99
In this vermeil labradorite drop necklace, a petite ginger pod, handcast of 18kt vermeil, joins sapphire rondelles and a faceted drop of luminous labradorite on a 14kt goldfilled chain and 18kt vermeil clasp. USA. Exclusive. 16"L.
$90.00   $69.99
It's said of the stones chosen for this handmade labradorite and sandstone necklace that the former enhances vision and the latter encourages insight. Strung on fabric cord, with 22kt gold vermeil clasp. USA. Exclusive. 20"L.
$98.00   $79.99
A stamped sterling silver charm points the way on a two-tier long gemstone and pendant necklace of jade, jasper, lapis, kyanite and sparkling drops of pink tourmaline and blue kyanite. Adjustable leather cord. Exclusive. 42"L.
$198.00   $159.99
Turquoise teardrops, faceted iolite, labradorite and apatite rondelles sing the blues on our exclusive gemstone and leather necklace that mixes soft, supple leather with a hammered sterling silver chain. Made in USA. 18"L.
$138.00   $109.99
Our diamond-faceted pink quartz gives off a froth of pale rose quartz rondelles. 14kt goldfill with lobster clasp. Handcrafted in USA. 16" to 18"L.
$138.00   $109.99
Melissa Joy Manning alternates palest rose quartz and moonstones to showcase the subtle difference in hue. Hook clasp. Exclusive. Handcrafted in USA with recycled sterling silver. 24"L.
$195.00   $154.99
Charms of white and yellow bronze mingled with agate and pearl conjure a lush history in this spellbinding necklace. Adjustable leather cord. USA. 38"L.
$268.00   $214.99
Zircon rondelles are the blue notes in a medley of brass beads, 18kt vermeil rings and sterling silver links. Lobster clasp. Sundance exclusive handcrafted in USA. Approx. 17" to 18"L.
$220.00   $174.99
Polly Hart's interpretation of jewelry unearthed at Troy, commingles sterling silver and 14kt gold for a subtle contrast between marquise links. Hook clasp. Handmade in USA. Exclusive. 16"L.
$490.00   $399.99
Pink coral heishi beads tinged with orange share a strand with handmade 24kt goldplate accents. Cultured seed pearl at hook clasp. 16"L.
$268.00   $214.99
Between ruby rondelles, raw diamonds play tricks with the light dangling before a sterling silver disk. Exclusive. By Rebecca Lankford with leather cord, spring ring clasp. Handcrafted in USA. 16" to 17"L.
$435.00   $349.99
Sprays of sterling silver festoon cultured pearls and faceted moonstones. Ours exclusively by Naomi Herndon. Leather loop and button clasp with aquamarine, labradorite and moonstone charms. Handcrafted in USA. Approx. 16-1/2"L.
$260.00   $209.99
Naomi Herndon reinterprets the natural landscape around her studio using moss aquamarine, labradorite, blue kyanite and sterling silver paillettes. Sliding button adjusts deerskin strand; tassel accents. Handcrafted exclusive. Adjustable to 27"L.
$395.00   $319.99
Gemstones and charms symbolize a spiritual journey; a cultured pearl tab brings purity of mind. Sterling silver charms, chain, button clasp; leather strand. Sundance exclusive handcrafted in USA. 21"L.
$225.00   $179.99
Gems of garnet, andalusite, pink opal, carnelian, teal quartz, green tourmaline, and tiger eye replicate the vibrant colors of a sari print sparked with brass and copper highlights. Oxidized sterling silver chain; lobster clasp. A handcrafted exclusive. 24" to 26"L.
$295.00   $239.99
Mixed gemstones of peridot, amazonite, turquoise, carnelian, pink coral, red coral, pink quartz, teal quartz, apatite and jade grasp golden rings in a vibrant display of Brazilian effervescence. Handmade in USA by Dana Kellin. Dainty 14kt goldfill chain; lobster clasp. 17-1/2"L.
$340.00   $274.99
Sterling silver and 24kt goldplated petals wink and shine, perfect for layering. Handmade in USA. 18"L.
$98.00   $79.99
Antique trade beads mingle with sugilite, cherry quartz and sterling silver charms that bob between leather knots. Further up, sliding knots adjust the length. Sundance exclusive handcrafted in USA. 16" to 24"L.
$198.00   $139.99
Gems of turquoise,pink and green tourmaline, garnet, onyx, amazonite, spinel, labradorite, pyrite, aquamarine, blue topaz, moonstone and cultured freshwater pearls join milagros, folk charms that date to ancient Iberia, on roped links. Handcrafted in USA of sterling silver. Lobster clasp. 18" to 21"L.
$380.00   $259.99
By Jes MaHarry, petal pink pearls and 14kt rose gold inspire romantic notions, balanced by a simple leather cord. Pearl button-and-loop closure. Made in the USA. Exclusive. Approx. 16"L with 1" drop.
$240.00   $169.99
A beautiful gathering of all things wonderful-from spiritual sterling charms to gold vermeil-plated leaves to turquoise and pearl-are held on an open heart knotted on velvety soft suede. USA. Exclusive. Approx. 36"L.
$298.00   $199.99
Black sand and blue ocean reborn in a dramatic necklace sparkling with blue topaz, labradorite, oxidized sterling silver beads and an airy 22kt gold vermeil chain. USA. 30-1/2"L.
$495.00   $349.99
Thoi Vo suspends a pink tourmaline within a cutout inspired by a violin’s graceful curves; another dangles at the chain’s end. Oxidized sterling silver; 14kt goldfill lobster clasp. Handmade in USA. Approx. 16" to 19"L.
$460.00   $319.99
Iridescent cultured coin pearls knotted on red thread are steppingstones to a metal medallion cupping a jasper sphere. Green amethysts at pearl clasp. Handcrafted in USA exclusively for us. Approx. 18"L.
$330.00   $229.99
Danielle Welmond trims a carnelian in golden hand-crocheted lace. For sparkle, she weaves in peach-colored cubic zirconia. 14kt goldfill chain; lobster clasp. Handcrafted in USA. 17" to 18"L.
$450.00   $299.99
A sweet reminder of love’s charms in a simple sterling silver and ruby necklace that will warm your heart and go with all. Exclusive. 18"L.
$128.00   $99.99
Extraordinary iridescence of our cultured freshwater pearl drops proves their kinship. Exclusive with seed pearls, 14kt goldfill chain, pearl button and leather loop closure. Handcrafted in USA. 19"L.
$198.00   $159.99
A ruby hovers over Nava Zahavi’s 24kt gold-wrapped moonstone to echo warm hues within the gem’s iridescence. 18kt beads and moonstone nuggets hand strung on silk. 24kt goldplate hook clasp. Exclusive. Approx. 16-1/2"L.
$1,200.00   $959.99
Tourmalines in an array of pinks highlight the big hearted nature of Jes MaHarry’s sterling silver heart charm. Toggle clasp. Ours exclusively, handcrafted in USA. 17"L.
$990.00   $799.99
Spangled sunstones and aquamarines guide the eye to a multi-colored cluster of peach moonstone, chrysocolla, moss aqua and peridot. Sterling silver; lobster clasp. Handmade exclusive. 18"L.
$178.00   $139.99
Regal tiered necklace mixes cultured potato pearls with deep red garnets and vibrant rubies, amid sterling silver and 22kt vermeil charms. Oxidized sterling silver links and clasp. Handmade in USA. Exclusive. 20"L; 3" extender.
$590.00   $479.99
Three meaningful charms handcrafted of recycled sterling silver, the angel and star dipped in 14kt gold. Exclusive, made in USA. 18"L.  
$148.00   $119.99
Like dappled forest light, this handmade necklace enchants with drops of peach moonstone, lemon citrine, olive pearls and orange garnet. Goldfilled chain and filigree clasp. USA. Exclusive. 18"L.
$440.00   $349.99
Sterling silver paillettes dipped in 18kt rose gold form a spirited fringe atop our cultured freshwater pearl. Leather cord. Exclusive. Handmade in USA. Approx. 17"L.  
$120.00   $99.99
Champagne quartz trefoils join other gems of moonstone, ruby, crystals, cultured pearls white chrome diopside and sterling silver beads. Handcrafted. Exclusive. Toggle clasp. 20"L.
$188.00   $149.99
A rustic sterling cross hangs on a leather loop from a watery strand of kyanite, iolite, amethyst and apatite beads. Labradorite, sterling and leather clasp. Handcrafted exclusively for Sundance. 19"L.
$298.00   $239.99
Jes MaHarry’s sterling silver cross, hammered to evoke life’s challenges, represents devotion in the face of adversity. Turquoise cabochon. Knotted leather; lobster clasp. Handmade in USA. Exclusive. 18"L.
$345.00   $269.99
A pair of faceted moonstones and a single round of white chalcedony dance circles on a ring of leather. Chain of sterling seed beads. Lobster clasp with 2" extender chain. Handmade in USA. Exclusive. 17"L.
$130.00   $99.99
A single diamond shines like hope itself in the center of a 10kt gold cross surrounded by sparkling blue topaz. Leather cord with topaz-bejeweled extender. Made in the USA by artist Rebecca Lankford. 16" to 16-1/2"L.
$480.00   $329.99
Suspended from a chain of garnets, vintage yellow and white bronze charms join faceted garnets and rutilated quartz drops. Toggle clasp. Handmade in the USA. Approx. 36"L.
$375.00   $299.99
In this raw diamond pendant necklace, Rebecca Lankford ties several small diamonds glimmering on 14kt gold chains against a matte sterling silver circle, knotted on a leather cord to tie at different lengths, as you like. Handmade in the USA. Approx. 42"L.
$320.00   $249.99
A tiny diamond winks within our cutout heart of 18kt gold vermeil, a loving gesture to its smaller, sterling silver partner. 18kt vermeil chain and spring ring clasp. Exclusive. 18"L.  
$110.00   $89.99
Nava Zahavi rims a spectacularly faceted citrine in hammered gold, dangles another nearby. Brown leather; matte 24kt gold vermeil. Handmade exclusive. Hook clasp; approx. 16"L.  
$558.00   $449.99
Centuries-old glass padre beads bring the captivating character accrued through the ages to our hand-strung necklace. Faux suede, silver accent beads, pewter clasp. Color variation will occur. Made in the USA. Exclusive.  26"L  
$165.00   $149.99
Like the ebb and flow of the shoreline, two long strands of pearls mingle with an antiqued sterling silver chain, capturing the organic beauty and the ebb and flow of the shoreline. Toggle closure. Handcrafted in the USA. 42"L.
$398.00   $349.99
A delicate emblem of a most weighty sentiment make gifts of great impact. Brushed sterling silver pendant is suspended from a polished sterling chain. Handcrafted. Exclusive. 20"L.
$78.00   $64.99
In a cascade of radiant color, Thoi Vo’s faceted roundels and teardrops of garnet, citrine, chalcedony, iolite, amethyst, labradorite, carnelian, peridot and amazonite dangle from a 14kt gold-filled chain and clasp. Handmade in the USA. 20"L.
$320.00   $219.99