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The briolettes' facets amp up labradorite's incredible iridescence in these handmade dangling labradorite earrings. In sterling silver with antiqued links and French wires. USA. 1-5/8"L.
$98.00   $79.99
These graceful Melissa Joy Manning gold hoops are self-locking, handmade in USA of recycled 14kt gold. 3/4"L.
$165.00   $129.99
Pure harmony—the many blues of London blue topaz, labradorite, and apatite swing upon 14kt goldfilled wires. By Thoi Vo. USA. Exclusive. 2-1/4"L.
$395.00   $319.99
Like gleaming points of light, the petite dots of these sterling silver sun stud earrings are gently hammered for the softest radiance. Handmade in the USA. 1/4" dia.
$68.00   $54.99
A pair of amethyst and topaz earrings, with Swiss topaz briolettes dancing beside amethysts on twists of wire, suspended from swaying hoops. Exclusive. Handmade in USA of sterling silver, including French wires. 1-1/4"L.
$68.00   $54.99
Jes MaHarry suspends "be free" hearts and rubies within the freeform loops of these ruby teardrop hoop earrings, aflutter beneath French wires. Exclusive. Handmade in USA with 14kt rose and yellow gold; sterling silver accents. 1-5/8"L.
$490.00   $389.99
Bursting from a Swarovski crystal center, blue quartz and Japanese Miyuki bead petals bloom above a kyanite briolette. A pair of Miguel Ases blue kyanite earrings, handmade in USA. 14kt goldfilled wire. 1-3/8"L.
$158.00   $129.99
Old world beauty gets new world charm in a pair of Jane Diaz moonstone chandelier earrings that plays with the light. Sterling silver wires. 2-1/2"L.
$450.00   $359.99
A pair of colorful beaded hoop earrings that occasions a happy confluence of hues, in glass beads and sterling silver rondelles on sterling silver hoops. USA. Exclusive. 1-1/4" dia.
$88.00   $69.99
In these unique dainty disc earrings, hand-hammered discs, of 18kt goldplated and sterling silver, huddle above a faceted cube of blue apatite. 14kt goldfilled wires. USA. Exclusive. 7/8"L.
$78.00   $59.99
Our exclusive floral gemstone earrings, featuring flower-stamped sterling posts playing host to a colorful gathering -- turquoise, peridot, sunstone, abalone and brass. Sterling silver wires. Exclusive. 1"L.
$58.00   $44.99
Faceted briolettes of teal blue apatite are warmed by 22kt goldplated brass disks and nuggets. 24kt vermeil earwires. Handmade in the USA. Exclusive. Approx. 1"L.
$98.00   $79.99
These dangling beaded mosaic earrings feature dusky blue and deep wine red in deftly beaded earrings of gray quartz, Japanese Miyuki beads and Swarovski crystal. 14kt goldfilled earwires. USA. 1-3/8"L.
$128.00   $99.99
Inspired by the sun?s last rays, sterling silver hoops are strung with faceted citrine drops and tiny silver paillettes. Silver hinged earwire. Handcrafted exclusively for Sundance by Naomi Herndon. 1-1/4"L.
$148.00   $109.99
Polished sterling silver wires loop through 14kt gold-filled cuffs that flicker with texture and movement. Handmade. Approx. 1"L.
$98.00   $79.99
Sparkling with coppery lights like sunlight on flint, these elaborate yet lightweight danglers meld Swarovski crystals with 14kt goldfilled and 18kt vermeil beads, bronze rondelles and Japanese miyuki beads. 14kt goldfilled wires. Handmade in USA. 2-1/2"L.
$268.00   $189.99
Reminiscent of exotic travels, Japanese Miyuki beads and labradorite orbit around a Swarovski crystal center, all suspended on 14kt goldfilled wire. Handcrafted in USA by Miguel Ases. Exclusive. 2-3/4"L.
$450.00   $319.99
Earrings of turquoise, lapis, moss aquamarine, rose and smoky quartz, and pink sapphire, accented with brass chips and sterling beads. Sterling earwires. Handcrafted. Exclusive. Approx. 2-1/4"L.
$138.00   $109.99
A 10kt goldplated bezel sets off the fire of red garnet, blazing above a lone drop of smoky quartz. 14kt goldfilled French wires. Handmade in USA. Exclusive. 1-1/2"L.
$148.00   $79.99
London artist Van Peterson crowns hand-hammered sterling crescents with pink tourmaline cabochons. Handcrafted in London. Exclusive. Approx. 1-3/8"L.
$248.00   $189.99
Nuggets of oxidized sterling and 22kt gold vermeil create dramatic contrast on graceful teardrop hoops hung from wires of 22kt gold vermeil. USA. 3"L.
$195.00   $139.99
A delicate dangle of glittering stones?sun stone, tourmaline, rose quartz and labradorite?sways to compliment your way. By Thoi Vo. 14kt gold French wires. 1-1/2"L.
$220.00   $149.99
Rebecca Lankford makes the perfect wear-with-everything-everywhere earrings with matched silvery gray freshwater cultured pearls on 10kt gold earwires. Handcrafted in USA. 3/4"L.
$285.00   $229.99
Naomi Herndon’s lightly hammered hoops dangle a gaggle of faceted Peruvian opals and paillettes. Hinged wires. Handmade in USA of sterling silver. 1-1/2"L.
$168.00   $134.99
Briolettes of citrine, pink and green tourmaline, and apatite dance on 14kt goldfilled French wires. Handcrafted by Thoi Vo. Made in USA. Exclusive. 1-1/8"L.
$158.00   $124.99
Artist Thoi Vo lets serendipity lead the way in placing an array of faceted gems—hessonite garnet, aquamarine, pink tourmaline, and andalucite—along her 14kt goldfill links. 14kt goldfill French wires. Handmade in USA. 1-3/8"L.
$158.00   $109.99
Natural inclusions give these polki cut diamonds the appearance of crackled glass, made fully visible by rustic 18kt goldplate rims. Handcrafted with French wires. Approx. 1-1/4"L.
$495.00   $349.99
Loops of pink garnet rondelles and olive cultured pearls showcase green amethysts and blue chalcedony drops. Handcrafted in the USA. 14kt gold-filled French wires. Approx. 3"L.
$228.00   $149.99
Meticulously hand wound 14kt goldfill wire binds sterling silver spheres to 14kt goldfill hoops. Snap down wires. Made in USA. 1-1/8" dia.  
$168.00   $119.99
Thoi Vo arranges drops of iolite, garnet, chalcedony, amethyst and carnelian in a jubilant dance of color. 14kt goldfilled. Made in USA. Approx. 1-1/4"L
$180.00   $129.99
Long fringes of oxidized sterling silver drape toward the shoulders, each brightened with pink crystals and twists of 14kt goldfill wire. By Dana Kellin. Lever back wires. Handcrafted in USA. 3-1/4"L.
$420.00   $339.99
A shimmer of faceted stones—citrine, rubies, lapis—and the gleam of petite paillettes create beautiful music on hand-hammered hoops set with white sapphires. Handmade in USA by Naomi Herndon. 1-1/2"L.
$285.00   $229.99
Aquamarines and Swarovski crystals covet balcony seats overlooking blue topaz divas. Golden swirls recall musical clefs beneath French wires. Handmade in USA by Thoi Vo; 14kt goldfill. 1-3/4"L.
$278.00   $219.99
Following ancient Native American traditions, tiny sapphires catch dreams in hoops of sterling silver. Made in USA. A Naomi Herndon exclusive. 2-3/4"L.
$268.00   $199.99
Cultured freshwater pearls amass in a lustrous huddle round hoops of sterling silver. The bubbly little gems are wired by hand in USA. Snap down wires. Approx. 1" dia.
$180.00   $144.99
Dots hammered of sterling silver add arabesque elegance to self-locking hoops. By Ananda Khalsa; handcrafted in USA. 1-3/4"L.
$265.00   $179.99
The graceful curves of a violin inspired the sinuous cutouts that frame Thoi Vo’s pink tourmalines. Oxidized sterling silver; 14kt goldfill French wires. Handmade in USA. 2-1/8"L.
$430.00   $299.99
Diamonds twinkle at the center of 14kt gold hand cast crosses. Exclusive. Posts. 5/16"L.  
$248.00   $179.99
Inspired by Byzantine architecture of Turkey, eye-catching elliptical hoops combine sterling silver and 22kt gold vermeil. USA. 2-1/2"L.
$195.00   $159.99
Drops of golden citrine, rose quartz and luminous labradorite sway and play with three slender hoops of 14kt goldfill wires. By Thoi Vo. USA. Exclusive. 2-1/4"L.
$360.00   $289.99
Hearts take on a Victorian countenance with polki diamonds at the center and pinprick gems all around. Handcrafted in sterling silver set on backings of 14kt gold. Posts. 3/8"L.
$750.00   $599.99
Cultured pearls and faceted garnets twinkle on 14kt goldfilled hearts swinging from sterling silver earwires. USA. Exclusive. 1-1/2"L.
$120.00   $99.99
Sterling silver granulation beads border cultured button pearls, each suspended from a French wire. Sundance exclusive. 1"L.    
$88.00   $69.99
Pools of faceted chalcedony glisten like the waters of hidden coves. Sterling silver bezels and wire. Handmade in USA. Exclusive. 1"L.
$178.00   $139.99
Drops of faceted turquoise add to the colorful swirl and swish of garnet and iolite. Sterling silver hoops. Exclusive. Handmade in USA by Naomi Herndon. 1-3/4"L.
$288.00   $229.99
Enchanted by chalcedony’s heavenly blue, Naomi Herndon tops briolettes with froths of rondelles. Sterling silver; French wires. Exclusive. Handmade in USA. 1-1/4"L.
$168.00   $129.99
Using metallic cord, Danielle Welmond wraps sterling silver hoops in crocheted stitching adding a lineup of lacy loops. 14kt goldfill French wires. Handcrafted in USA. 2-1/4"L.  
$460.00   $279.99
A unique assortment of African beads outlines each of Naomi Herndon’s hand hammered, self-locking hoops. Sterling silver. Exclusive. Made in USA. 1-3/8"L.
$135.00   $109.99
In these garnet beaded hoop earrings, garnet rondelles radiate between smaller and larger hoops, the golden wreaths formed of wrapped wires. Handmade in USA of 14kt goldfill; French wires. 1-3/4"L.
$268.00   $214.99
Freshwater pearls and labradorite stack up in strikingly modern earrings. Sterling silver wires. USA. Exclusive. 1-3/4"L.
$78.00   $59.99
Clearly gorgeous, cut crystal quartz glistens beneath 18kt vermeil discs. 14kt goldfilled wires. Handmade in USA. Exclusive. 1"L.
$88.00   $59.99
Sterling silver, turquoise, coral, pearl, a trade bead, and aquamarine riff to a festive beat on hand-hammered sterling silver hoops. USA. Exclusive. 2-1/2"L.
$495.00   $399.99
Intricately detailed with 18kt goldplated beads and Swarovski crystals, these beaded mosaic disk earrings offer a little heaven on earth. 14kt goldfilled wires. USA. 1-3/8"L.
$138.00   $109.99
Minimalist rims handcrafted of 18kt goldplate let light reveal chalcedony's luster. French wires. 1-5/8"L.
$168.00   $134.99
Curving disks of matte 10kt goldplate chime in among quartets of ruby rondelles. Handcrafted in USA with sterling silver French wires. 1"L.
$68.00   $59.99
A pair of dangling peach moonstone earrings, with faceted peach moonstones hanging like ripe fruit beneath wavy disks of brass and sterling silver. Sundance exclusive. Handcrafted in USA with 14kt goldfilled French wires. 1-1/8"L.
$188.00   $149.99
From a sliver of sterling silver, a crescent moon emerges. Melissa Joy Manning's lilting hoops are 14kt gold. Self locking. Handcrafted in USA. 3/4" dia.
$340.00   $269.99
Sun-soaked color and glints of gold shine forth from handcrafted earrings combining 14kt gold-filled beads, Japanese Miyuki beads and faceted raspberry quartz. 14kt goldfill wires. Handcrafted in USA by Miguel Ases. 1-7/8"L.
$178.00   $149.99
Turquoise, pink opal, aquamarine and iolite gems fan out from brushed sterling silver moorings. French wires. A handcrafted exclusive. 1-1/2"L.
$128.00   $99.99
Simply sophisticated. Ananda Khalsa brushes hand forged dots of 22kt gold to a subtle, satiny finish. 14kt gold posts. Made in USA. 3/16"L.
$395.00   $319.99
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