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A touch of the exotic to lift your spirits. Warm paisley in sunny tones and beachy cabana stripes. Rayon/linen/polyester. Color will vary and each will be unique. Dry clean. Imported. Approx. 27-1/2"W x 71"L.
$58.00   $39.99
A delicate update to the studded, leather belt. Handcrafted, crisscrossing stitches over tonal chain and studs gives a decidedly feminine air. The Netherlands. Sizes S/M (34"L), M/L (36"L). Approx. 1-1/2"W.
$98.00   $69.99
A sweet gift to give or to get. Carry love in the palm of your hand. Appliquéd suede heart. Lambswool/angora/nylon. Hand wash. Imported. One size fits most adults.
$36.00   $24.99
Chase away the gray in our light and airy, raw-edge polyester scarf colored in warm, tropical shades. Hand wash. Imported. Approx. 42"W x 72"L.
$48.00   $34.99
Our fleece-lined handwarmers feature a thick, horizontal knit and colorful, embroidered zinnias. Wool. Hand wash. Imported. One size fits most adults.
$38.00   $24.99
A mix of chevrons, stripes and diamonds creates a look you'll love for years. Entirely handmade. Fleece-lined merino wool mittens. Hand wash. Imported. Exclusive. One size fits most adults.
$54.00   $34.99
One flirtatious flower is all it takes. Hand woven in a viscose/polymide/cotton blend that gets its luxury from the addition of wool, cashmere and angora. Hand wash. Imported. One size fits most adults.
$55.00   $39.99
Silk sari scraps are reborn in a fluttering cascade of color and pattern. Each unique silk sari scarf is one-of-a-kind. Dry clean or hand wash. Imported. Exclusive. Approx. 9"W x 68"L.
$30.00   $19.99
Colorful, geometric patterns and a playful pompom warm and brighten even the grayest days. Polka dot pompom hat in viscose, polyamide, cotton, lambswool, cashmere, angora. Hand wash. Imported. One size fits most adults.
$36.00   $24.99
Our hand-knit wool fleece-lined headband, inspired by the Greek goddess of flowers, bears an eternal crown of sunny blooms. Hand embellished. Fleece lined. Merino wool. Hand wash. Imported. Exclusive. One size fits most adults.
$48.00   $34.99
Artfully fashioned by hand with vintage beading and embroidery. Hand-spun and dyed embroidered merino wool make this hat a true work of art. Hand wash. Imported. Exclusive. One size fits most adults.
$70.00   $49.99
A little sophistication goes a long way in these expertly handcrafted floral wool embroidered hats. Vintage beading and embroidery pairs perfectly against a geometric background. Fleece lined. Merino wool. Hand wash. Imported. Exclusive. One size fits most adults.
$70.00   $49.99
Thick, sunset-hued yarn darts between the stitches of our snowy, crocheted cowl. Acrylic infinity scarf. Hand wash. Imported. Exclusive. Approx. 13"W x 70" loop.
$50.00   $24.99
The best of both worlds, these silky-smooth hats are both cozy and sophisticated. Viscose, polyamide, cotton, wool, cashmere. Hand wash. Imported. One size fits most adults.
$68.00   $29.99
Our pure cashmere scarf is grace embodied with subtle ruffles and an unforgettable elegance. Hand wash. Imported. Exclusive. Choose from A to Z. Approx. 8"W x 50"L.
$128.00   $89.99
Hammered studs peek through vegetable-tanned leather in an organic, botanical pattern. Each belt is hand finished and unique. Imported. Exclusive. Sizes S (32"), M (34"), L (36"). 1-3/4"W.
$75.00   $39.99
Inspired by tattoo art and packing a powerful message, "love is tender and knows no gender," this colorful scarf makes a statement. Viscose. Dry clean. Imported. Exclusive. Approx. 31"W x 66"L.
$48.00   $24.99
Light and breezy linen fades seamlessly from one color to the next in variegated stripes with a soft-as-a-whisper, raw-edge fringe. Dry clean. Imported. Exclusive. Approx. 27-1/2"W x 71"L.
$68.00   $44.99
Diamonds at your side with muted, silver toned studs and rectangular buckle on our washed leather belt. Imported. Exclusive. Sizes S (32"), M (34"), L (36"). Approx. 3/4"W.
$58.00   $39.99
Let in the light with this striped, linen scarf, rife with bright colors and an airy, open weave. Twisted tassel fringe. Imported. Exclusive. Approx. 18"W x 72"L.
$68.00   $29.99
Our modern trapper hat features faux fur, stitched detailing and ear flaps to snap up or wear down. Polyester. Hand wash. Imported. Exclusive. One size fits most adults.
$48.00   $39.99
Inspired by vintage flea markets with a touch of sparkle. Acrylic/polyester. Imported. One size fits most adults.
$44.00   $19.99
Our classic Woolrich® slipper socks feature a leather sole and drawstring ties. Boxed for giving or receiving. Acrylic yarn. Hand wash. Imported. Sizes S (6 to 8) or L (9 to 11).
$70.00   $49.99
Add a splash of color and retro style. Silk. Dry clean, Imported. Exclusive. Approx. 19-1/2" sq.
$48.00   $39.99
Inspired by vintage bandanas, each one-of-a-kind scarf bears the whispers of a bygone era. Washed and dried under the California sun. Cotton. Machine wash. USA. 21-1/2"W x 87"L.
$98.00   $79.99
Capturing the magic that perfect evening, our elegant leather gloves define femininity while keeping you toasty in timeless style. Imported. Exclusive. Sizes S/M or M/L. Approx. 14"L.
$75.00   $59.99
Travel in style with a leather luggage tag in a rich, saturated shade and antique brass, Italian hardware. Clear window for card with discreet leather cover. Imported. 3"W x 5"H; 3" strap.
$40.00   $29.99
Add a pop of color to your wardrobe with this handstitched belt. Peru. By Jenny Krauss. Exclusive. Wool. Sizes S (32"), M (34"), L (36"). 2"W.
For the past five years, Sundance has provided steady work for hundreds of women in rural, impoverished Peru. This is globalization as it should be; sustainable employment for a powerless population that would otherwise have none. The philosophy and dedication of Sundance to bring richly unique products to the marketplace changes lives; both the consumer and the artisan are strengthened through this union. —Jenny Krauss
$68.00   $44.99
Scrunched and cozy, or loose and long, SmartWool®'s scrunch scarf gives you options. Merino wool/acrylic. Machine wash. Imported. Approx. 7"W x 63"L.
$60.00   $49.99
Warm and chic, our colorful alpaca gloves keep hands cozy while leaving fingers free to create their next masterpiece. Imported. One size fits most adults.
$28.00   $19.99
Embroidered by artisans in Peru with snowflakes and festive flora, our sturdy wool belts brighten any winter wardrobe. Each handmade belt varies slightly. Imported. Jenny Krauss. Sizes S (23" to 31"), M (28" to 37"), L (34" to 43"). 2"W.
$68.00   $44.99
Pick a pet sure to inspire smiles. Handknit in Peru of acrylic mohair, complete with ears and multicolored pompoms. Hand wash. One size fits most adults.
$75.00   $29.99
Light-as-air silk scarves, inspired by western wear and perfect everywhere. Made in Italy. Hand wash. 13" SQ.
$38.00   $29.99
The perfect belt with a little extra pizazz. Leather, zinc studs and rhinestone accents. Imported. Sizes S (28"), M (30"), L (32"). 1-1/2"W.
$58.00   $49.99
Today’s first choice fashion accessory is long and winding, wool, jacquard woven. Imported. Exclusive. 26"W x 88"L.
$148.00   $109.99
Mellow vibrancy in a multicolored hat hand knit by Peruvian artisans. Each a unique work of art. Acrylic. Hand wash. Imported. One size fits most adults.
$75.00   $59.99
At once playful and practical, our hand-knit hat has an uber-soft fleece lining and cozy earflaps for warmth, styled with kid-like quirkiness for seasonal smiles. Dry clean. Imported. One size.
$90.00   $39.99