Saundra Messinger
Saundra Messinger
Saundra Messinger | Jewelry Artist
As Saundra Messinger has transitioned from a successful singing career to fashion executive to jewelry designer, two rivers have influenced her life and artistry, the Mississippi and the Hudson. Their impact can be seen in imperfect shapes that seem washed by currents, diamonds that sparkle like sunlit wavelets and finishes as luminous as moonlight. Her creations embody a confident cool that enhances the wearer's individuality.
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Favoring the random over the routine in the design of this anomaly diamond ring, Saundra Messinger sets a diamond baguette off center, its placement unique to each ring. Her lustrous matte sterling silver band likewise eludes regularity. Made in USA. Whole sizes 5 to 9.
A double band connection diamond ring, symbolic of those journeys we take side by side -- parallel, but always our own. Sterling silver double bands fused with a delicate diamond. Made in USA by Saundra Messinger. Matte finish. Whole sizes 5 to 9.