Polly Hart
Polly Hart
Polly Hart | Jewelry Artist
Polly Hart's jewelry has a modern edge, but she clearly values the past. Her artistic roots go back at least as far as her great-grandfather, a furniture maker whose creativity has permeated several generations. She credits a seventh-grade metal-smith class for sparking her lifelong passion for jewelry making, and counts ancient Troy, medieval Europe and the Art Nouveau movement among her artistic influences.
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Polly Hart's interlocking circles shift and shimmer like suspended objets d'art. Ours exclusively in sterling silver. French wires. Handmade in USA. 3/16" to 5/16"L.
These colorful sapphire briolette earrings evoke summer's brilliant wildflower display in Utah's Albion Basin. Polly Hart suspends dainty multi-hued sapphires from tiny French wires. Handcrafted in USA; 18kt gold. 3/4"L.
Maximizing brushed sterling silver?s simple appeal, Polly Hart encircles the finger with her squared-off design. Handcrafted in USA in whole and half sizes 5 to 9.
Polly Hart isolates the understated beauty of brushed sterling silver, crowning the wrist with a squared-off arc. Handcrafted in USA. 2-3/8" dia.
These Polly Hart dangling hoop earrings celebrate friendship. Two hand-hammered sterling hoops are intertwined with each 14kt gold hoop. A harmonious trio dangles from French wires. Exclusive. Made in USA. 1-3/8"L.