Carolyn Holman
Carolyn Holman
Carolyn Holman | Home Decor Artist
In shifting from commercial to fine art, Carolyn Holman became fascinated with the ancient Egyptian painting process known as encaustic (literally, "to burn into"). Using a blowtorch, she melts layer upon layer of beeswax and resin crystals, tinting some with pigments, imbuing others with texture. The progression creates an uncommon depth of field that emerges between soft veils of translucence.
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Using vintage clothing and linens as inspiration, Carolyn Holman clips reclaimed fabric with spontaneous imprecision, incorporating rustic swatches into Flowers for a Picnic. Having applied multiple layers of beeswax, resin and pigment, she fuses her mix of mediums onto wood with the heat of a blowtorch, creating the veiled translucence that defines her work. One of a kind; subject to prior sale. 24" Sq.
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