Bill Woolway
Home Artist
Once an ad man but always a painter, Bill Woolway traded his Chicago office for a Santa Barbara studio and never looked back. "If I don't paint," he says, "I hurt. I paint what I feel and go where my brush takes me." Working in acrylic on wood and canvas, he conveys with primitive grace a visceral connection to the land. Migrant farm laborers figure prominently, or a wayward dog bound for home. Found bottle caps or metal scraps make their way into his work, rustic relics repurposed at the artist's whim.
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In his ongoing series exploring the lives of everyday workers, Santa Barbara artist Bill Woolway appreciates those who work in the lettuce and strawberry fields, rain or shine. USA. Exclusive. Original work, subject to prior sale. Acrylic on canvas. 22"W x 28"H.
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Often described as "intuitive," the paintings of Santa Barbara artist Bill Woolway are often inhabited by figures of a temporal quality, not on the land, but locked into and a part of the land that nourishes us. This recent painting, incorporating his signature visceral slices of color, illustrates his credo: "I paint what I feel and go where my brush takes me." Exclusive. Acrylic on canvas. 11"W x 14"H.
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