Aaron Foster
Aaron Foster
Aaron Foster | Home Artist
Obsolete license plates may look like scrap metal to some, but to Aaron Foster they're not only his artistic muse, but also his medium of choice. Each stamped rectangle of rustic metal tells the story of American's legendary attraction to the open road. Foster refashions discarded license plates from all 50 states, piecing limitless color combinations into cutting edge folk art.
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Modern folk art for all 50 states. A fitting tribute to America's legendary fascination with the open road and our equally intense passion for the states near and dear to us. Each and every one of them is available, individually crafted by artist Aaron Foster from hand-cut vintage license plates, waxed, sanded and assembled by hand. A lighthearted and heartfelt reminder of your roots, your favorite vacation spot or your adopted home. Cedar backing. Red background on all states except for Arizona and Montana, see additional views. Exclusive. 50"W x 3"D x 22"H.
Folk art with a fondness for the wide-open road. Artist Aaron Foster translates his interest in maps into large-scale art, using license plates old and new, which he hand-cuts into the shape of each state. Alaska and Hawaii are separate pieces. As each map is an original, wood, finish and license plates will vary. If you're big on space and your tastes run to the extreme, you'll love the Colossal License Plate USA—our beyond-gargantuan version of this very same map. D rings included for hanging. Mainland map is approx. 57"W x 1-1/2"D x 33"H.