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A sonnet ring set, wherein grace, charm and beauty wax poetic in three handcrafted sterling silver bands, one set with three garnets. Exclusive. Whole sizes 5 to 10. Set of 3.
Pale gems decorate this blue gemstone ring set, all bezel set on sterling bands. Three of the rings bear faceted cuts of topaz, two uphold blue cultured pearls. Handmade exclusively for Sundance. Set of 5 in whole sizes 5 to 9. Together 1/2"W.
An interlocked stack ring, with four rings forever intertwined, overlaying one another on the finger to represent the interconnections between friends and family. Sterling silver. Whole and half sizes 6 to 9.
Wear the four smooth and three beaded oxidized sterling silver bands of our seven blessings spiral ring in any combination that pleases. Imported. Exclusive. Whole sizes 5 to 9. Set of 7.
In this button pearl ring set, sterling silver beaded guard bands border a setting for a cultured button pearl. Set of 3 rings. Whole and half sizes 5 to 9.
This topaz stack ring set proffers four cuts of topaz, and four styles of sterling silver nestle together or wear singly. Handmade with London, Swiss and sky blue topaz gems. Set of 4. Whole sizes 5 to 9.
In this lapis & silver three-ring set, a pair of roped sterling bands reins in a third, inlaid with a narrow strip of blue lapis. Sundance exclusive. Set of 3; in whole sizes 5 to 9.
Five cultured pearls are bezel set atop thread-thin silver bands in this pearl stack ring set, each different—polished, hammered and engraved. Handmade exclusively for Sundance. Whole and half sizes 5 to 9. Set of 5.
A wavy band of 22kt gold vermeil in this matte silver & gold stack ring accentuates two in sterling silver, one matte, one polished. Sundance exclusive set of 3 in whole sizes 5 to 11.
Each from this bronze band ring trio is cast with a distinctly different pattern, the incised designs making a compatible threesome. Bronze bands lined with sterling silver. Set of 3 in whole sizes 5 to 9.
Universally beautiful—handcrafted bands of 14kt gold plate and sterling silver set with labradorite, garnet, iolite and smoky topaz. Exclusive. Whole sizes 5 to 10. Set of 4.
In these striped stack rings, cabana colors hail from lapis, gaspeite, turquoise, coral, orange spiny and sugilite. The sunny stripes enliven gleaming sterling bands. Sundance Exclusive. Set of 3, in whole sizes 5 to 9.
Rings of brushed, 14kt goldplated sterling silver orbit a solo rainbow moonstone in this solo luna moonstone ring. Exclusive. Whole sizes 5 to 10. Set of 3.
A garnet and pearl stack ring set, with hammered sterling silver bands alternating garnets with cultured freshwater pearls. Exclusive. Whole sizes 5 to 9. Set of 7, together approx. 3/4"W.
Shiny 22kt vermeil beads fused into seamless rings, three total to stack on one finger or scatter on a few. Handcrafted Sundance exclusive. Whole sizes 5 to 9. Set of 3; together 5/8"W.
This stack ring trio brings together one wonderfully weighty handcrafted sterling silver band, and two slender companions, to be stacked or divvied between fingers as your mood dictates. Set of 3; whole sizes 5 to 9.
Six slender, organically wrought bands, two in luminous sterling silver, four in sunny 18kt gold vermeil, all matte finished. Exclusive. Whole sizes 5 to 9.
A handmade sterling silver ring set of five, each band hand cast with a different motif based on Victorian carvings. Whole sizes 5 to 10. Approx. 1/2" wide worn together.
This seafoam stack ring set features staggered stones in the shades of a gently lapping ocean set in striated sterling silver bands. Peridot, pearl and chalcedony. Handmade. Exclusive. Set of 5. Whole and half sizes 5 to 9.
Sarah McGuire's four rings are forever linked—one studded with four diamonds that mark off its quadrants. Sterling silver and 18kt gold. Handmade in USA. Whole sizes 5 to 8.
A bodacious set of pearl petal stack rings, featuring seven bands abloom with cultured pearls and bud-like beads. Sterling silver bands; brass and silver accents. Exclusive. Whole sizes 6 to 10. 5/8"W.
The ancient Sanskrit symbol of Om—composed of three sounds, here represented by three squared-off bands—honors our inner essence. Sterling silver. Exclusive. Whole and half sizes 5 to 9.
Three rings slide under an irregular lapis, the gem positioned on its own band to overhang its compatriots. Sterling silver. Handcrafted set of 4. Whole sizes 5 to 9.
Garden motifs flourish on sterling silver rings, one set with a lapis, another inlaid with lapis and turquoise. A handcrafted exclusive. Set of 3. Whole sizes 5 to 10.
A silver tide ring set, with wavy bands stacking up on the finger in an ebb and flow of sterling silver. A handcast exclusive. Set of 5. Whole sizes 5 to 9.
An asteroids wrap ring, with three sterling silver beads and three bright faceted iolite rounds that shimmer, star-like, creating their own sparkling solar system on a mix of metals—copper, sterling silver and brass. Exclusive. Whole sizes 6 to 9.
This turquoise bouquet ring set presents you with a quartet of turquoise daisies to gather together or wear singly. Each is planted atop a different sterling band. Handmade exclusively for us. Set of 4; whole sizes 5 to 9.
Nestled in polished brass bezels, the three cultured pearls of this pearl & silver stack ring set appear to float between freeform organic bands of sterling silver. Exclusive. Whole and half sizes 5 to 9. Set of 3.
This hand-hammered rings set comprises two bands of sterling silver, one of yellow bronze, and all shaped, hammered and finished by hand. USA. Exclusive. Whole sizes 5 to 9.
Captured in 14kt goldplate bezels, five garnet cabochons in a spectrum of red hues wink on the sterling silver bands of these red garnet stack rings. Stack or separate—your choice. Exclusive. Whole sizes 5 to 10. Set of 5.
Translucent gems in a trio of shapes and sizes: oval peridot, round crystal and rectangular blue topaz. Handmade of sterling silver in whole sizes 5 to 9. Set of 3.
Islands of labradorite and aquamarine lie within hand crimped shorelines of 24kt gold. Nava Zahavi sets the trio on 14kt bands to nestle together or wear singly. Ours exclusively. Set of 3. Whole sizes 5 to 9.
14kt gold bands mingle hammering and engraving, matte and shiny finishes. One is set with a tiny diamond. Handmade in USA by Victoria Cunningham. Set of 5; whole sizes 5 to 8.
Our tricolor ring set proffers three wavy bands in a rainbow of metallic hues: 14kt gold plate, sterling silver and copper. Exclusively ours. Set of 3 in whole sizes 5 to 10.
Broad hammer marks bounce light off the angular surfaces of eight slender bands, four sterling silver, two 14kt gold, two 14kt rose gold. A Melissa Joy Manning design, handmade in USA. Whole sizes 5 to 9.
In this amethyst and garnet ring set, slender guard rings serve as textured borders to a smooth band sparked by amethyst and garnets. Sundance exclusive set of 3; sterling silver. Whole sizes 5 to 9.
Three is anything but a crowd when the trio is chalcedony cabochons in an oceanic blue. Sterling silver bands are forever fused together. Exclusive in whole sizes 5 to 9. Tapers 3/8" to 1/4"W.
A streak of hand-inlaid turquoise embellishes the wider center ring of our turquoise stack ring trio of polished sterling silver bands. Set of 3; handmade exclusively for Sundance. Whole sizes 5 to 9.
The slender bands of our sterling silver and gemstone rings set sparkle with iolite, blue topaz, ruby, peridot and green sapphire. Stack them as you like or give one a solo show. Whole sizes 5 to 9. Set of 5.
Our gold vermeil and pearl rings set is pure grace, with two slender 14kt gold vermeil rings, each set with a pearl—pink and ivory—to wear solo or stacked. Exclusive. Whole sizes 5 to 9. Set of 2.
As cheerful as the stripes on a seaside cabana, a rainbow of gems encircles our sterling silver cabana ring trio. Two incised guard rings complete the set of three. Handmade exclusively for Sundance. In whole sizes 5 to 9.
A sterling silver and pearl ring set, with cultured pearls held by prongs nesting atop the finger. Two bands host a single pearl each, the third band graced with two. Exclusive. Handcrafted set of 3 in sterling. Whole sizes 5 to 10.
Jes MaHarry handcrafts bands of sterling silver, 14kt yellow gold and 14kt rose gold, dotted with hearts and engraved with a reminder to "live a life of love." Made in the USA and signed by the artist. Exclusive. Whole sizes 5 to 9. Set of 3.