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Granulation bead latticework elevates the jewel of our harlequin-faceted rainbow moonstone ring, the better to showcase the stone's cut. Sundance exclusive handcrafted in sterling silver. Whole and half sizes 5 to 9.
An artisan sterling silver ring, wherein strips of sterling line up to form a gleaming palisade. A handcrafted exclusive in whole sizes 5 to 9. 5/8"W.
A handcrafted pearl pendant necklace, in which cultured pearls make a pendulum of a gently irregular hoop, one sizable coin pearl beneath a tinted cluster of five. Handmade in USA of sterling silver. Lobster clasp. 17" to 18-1/2"L.
This amethyst, citrine and topaz ring set boasts three deep bezels filled to the brim with sparkling stones: amethyst, brandy citrine and blue topaz. Exclusive. Handcrafted set of 3 polished sterling silver bands. Whole sizes 5 to 9.
Copper-plated pyrite cluster earrings owe their inner spark to the stone's telltale iridescence. Cultured pearls tinted a lustrous gray dangle below. Sundance exclusive handmade in USA. 14kt gold filled French wires. 1-1/8"L.
Lena Skadegard prizes moonstone's luminosity, embracing each faceted stone with a rim of 18kt gold. Handcrafted Sundance exclusive. French wires; 1-1/4"L.
Jes MaHarry's substantial sterling silver charms are an anchoring influence, balancing the tumult of intertwined turquoise, aquamarine and ruby strands. Also included are coral, opal, sugalite and tanzanite beads. Exclusive. Lobster clasp. Handmade in USA with 14kt yellow and rose gold charms. 6-1/2" to 7-1/2"L.
Ananda Khalsa's choice of 22kt gold adds unexpected richness to otherwise casual turquoise drop earrings. Handcrafted in USA with sterling silver backings, 18kt French wires. 1-3/8"L.
A pair of Polly Wales white sapphire post earrings, in which the sparkling jewels fill crater-like formations formed in 18kt gold. Each handcrafted piece will be unique. Posts. 3/8" dia.
Jes MaHarry's sterling silver nugget bracelet possesses a wonderful weightiness impossible to ignore. She spikes her design with 14kt rose and yellow gold beads, finishing with oak tree and acorn charms. Exclusive. Lobster clasp. Handmade in USA. 7-1/4" to 8-1/4"L.
A 14kt gold link gemstone necklace, in which an endlessly mesmerizing compilation of lapis, amethyst, rubies, aquamarine, coral, prehnite and American turquoise is suspended amidst tiers of 14kt gold links. Exclusive. Lobster clasp. Handcrafted in USA by Jes MaHarry. Approx. 21"L.
Precious metals and textures converge in our gold filled and sterling silver bangle, with hammered and brushed 14kt gold filled bordering notched sterling silver. Handmade in USA exclusively for us. 2-1/2" dia.
In our unique gold and sterling silver ring, two roped bands of 14kt gold set their own course as they navigate the channel within the sterling silver band. A handmade exclusive in whole sizes 5 to 9.
In this Lena Skadegard moonstone necklace, moonstones prevail among a subtly sparkling mix of neutrals, a graduated strand that slips on overhead. Handcrafted Sundance exclusive. Approx. 30"L.
In this pair of Ananda Khalsa lapis and gold earrings, the rose-cut gemstone appears at its finest, embraced by 22kt gold and dripping with disks of the same precious metal. Handcrafted in USA. Oxidized sterling silver backings, 18kt French wires. 1-3/8"L.
An Ananda Khalsa lapis and gold ring that displays the rose-cut gemstone at its finest, embraced by 22kt gold and kissed with a "corsage" of the same precious metal. Handcrafted in USA. Oxidized sterling silver backing, matte sterling silver band. Whole sizes 5 to 9.
In this Yazuko Azuma champagne diamond ring, the tiny jewels sparkle within a rustic band. Handmade in USA of matte sterling silver. Whole sizes 5 to 9.
Brass and sterling silver beads spark this hand-loomed, unique Adonnah Langer beaded bracelet. Japanese glass and Swarovski crystals. Crafted with sterling silver end caps and lobster clasp. Exclusive. 6-1/4" to 7-1/2"L.
A pair of moonstone cube earrings, wherein hushed hues softly sway as sunstone, apatite and 18kt gold vermeil disks crown moonstone cubes. Sundance exclusive handcrafted in USA; 14kt gold-filled French wires. 1"L.
Thoi Vo interprets the dance of a tropical waterfall in a handmade sterling silver and colorful gemstone necklace, with London topaz, peridot, apatite, aquamarine, labradorite, prehnite, moonstone, Oregon sunstone, citrine, iolite, chrysoprase, and green amethyst. Lobster clasp. Exclusive. Handmade in USA. 16" to 19"L.
A pair of 14kt gold black diamond hoop earrings, inspired by the gentle irregularities of ocean waves and crafted using the lost wax method, with each 14kt gold hoop kissed by exotic black diamonds. Handmade in USA. 5/8"L.
Four slender spinners, two beaded and two hammered, turn a hefty band into a piece of kinetic, wearable sculpture. A sterling silver slim spinners band handmade exclusively for Sundance. Whole sizes 5 to 9. 1/2"W. This ring is licensed under U.S. Patent Nos. 6,497,117 and 6,395,732.
To wear every day and everywhere, a handcrafted amulet necklace by Jane Diaz, featuring a 10kt rose gold pendant upon an oxidized sterling silver chain. Sterling silver clasp. 16" to 18"L.
This red Swiss Army┬« watch is redesigned for modern style but possesses time-honored Victorinox Swiss Army┬« quality—Swiss quartz movement, sapphire crystal, stainless steel case and band and water resistant to 100 meters. Push button clasp. Exclusive. Fits up to 7" wrists, 1-1/8" dia. case.
Renowned Arizona silversmith Al Somers handcrafted this Southwestern cross necklace of sterling silver and inlaid turquoise, borrowing from Native American traditions and imbuing it with a modern sensibility. USA. Exclusive. 28"L, 3"L drop.
Our sterling silver and turquoise mosaic earrings display the gemstone in elaborate arrangements, each handmade and one-of-a-kind. Exclusive. Approx. 2"L.
Breaking waves and wide blue seas beckon in our long, handcrafted gemstone necklace combining lapis, pearls, gray quartz, turquoise and sterling silver beads with cast pewter charms. Tie suede necklace to desired length. USA. Exclusive. 36"L.
Harlequin-faceted opaline stands to the side while nuggets of pyrite sparkle and gleam on this oxidized sterling silver, opaline and pyrite necklace. Wear it long or doubled as you please. Sterling silver lobster clasp. Approx. 36"L.
This turquoise tablet necklace is tipped with a textured 14kt gold-filled accent, creating both a modern and elegant piece. Accented with a freshwater pearl and can be doubled. USA. Exclusive. 46"L.
Blooming with lovely hues, this colorful hand-loomed bracelet by Adonnah Langer shimmers with sterling, brass and Japanese glass beads, Swarovski crystal. Sterling silver end caps and lobster clasp. USA. Exclusive. 6-3/4" to 7-1/2"L.
In our earthy and elegant pearl and leather earrings, tear-dropped leather loops lasso lustrous pearls, set asway on sterling silver wires. USA. Exclusive. 2-1/4"L.
Here's to style with an independent streak in leather, charm and gemstone earrings that combine knotted leather, brass and sterling silver charms and a medley of beads—lapis, turquoise, peridot, amethyst, apple coral, phosphosiderite and carnelian. USA. Exclusive. 2-1/2"L.
Modern minimalism in a bold sterling silver ring circled with hammered 14kt gold bands. Exclusive. Whole sizes 5 to 9. 1/2"W.
In this unique lapis and sterling silver ring, roped and beaded sterling draws your eye to a singularly beautiful lapis set on a polished sterling silver band. Exclusive. Whole sizes 6 to 10.
Handcrafted exclusively for Sundance by famed Southwestern silversmith Jock Favour, this sterling silver cuff zigzags around your wrist, finishing with a fond embrace of two small hands. USA. 2-1/4" dia.
In this Jes MaHarry turquoise love necklace, the designer etches sweet sentiments on the back of 14kt gold-enrobed turquoise, hanging upon a sterling silver chain accented with coral wrapped in 14kt gold wire. USA. Exclusive. 18-1/2"L.
A brass, copper and sterling silver spinner ring, in which a bold, sterling band plays host to a happy gathering of sterling silver, brass and copper spinners. Exclusive. Whole sizes 5 to 9. 5/8"W.
These double ring earrings feature two brushed 14kt gold-filled rings gracefully swaying in sync. USA. Exclusive. 2-1/4"L.
Breaking waves and wide blue seas beckon in a handcrafted charm bracelet combining lapis, pearls, gray quartz, turquoise and sterling silver beads with cast pewter charms. USA. Exclusive. Approx. 7"L.
For the spirit that shines true—a down-to-earth yet elegant trade bead necklace handmade by Jes MaHarry with hand-sculpted sterling charms, plump pearls, turquoise and rare trade beads. Sterling silver chain and clasp. USA. Exclusive. 22"L.
A rectangular green onyx ring, with its beaded sterling silver bezel framing a rectangle of verdant gemstone on a hand-cast sterling silver band. Exclusive. Whole sizes 5 to 10.
Handcrafted with leather, this Jes MaHarry Lucky Life Bracelet convenes a variety of trade beads and a pewter charm inscribed "Lucky." Each is unique. Pewter with leather loop closure. No two exactly alike. USA. Exclusive. 8-1/2"L.
Our thick and thin spinner ring is a work of art, in which hand-hammered sterling silver bands, four slender and one bold, spin about a wide sterling silver band. Exclusive. Whole sizes 6 to 9. This ring is licensed under U.S. patent nos. 6,497,117 and 6,395,732.
Down-to-earth with a touch of pretty—a soft, supple leather necklace holding sterling silver and pyrite-sparked 14kt gold-filled chains. Tie to desired length. Handmade in USA. Adjustable to 30"L.
Classically iconic and refreshingly modern, a diamond-set cross stretches across and fastens with a simple, hidden hook on a dainty 18kt gold-filled bangle bracelet. 2-1/4" dia.
Our gold and sterling silver moonstone ring is the very essence of style—a faceted moonstone glows from a 14kt gold bezel on a handstamped sterling silver band. Exclusive. Whole sizes 5 to 9.
Bold and beautiful, a three-stone sterling silver ring set with a trio of lightly faceted rainbow moonstones, held in deep sterling silver bezels. Exclusive. Whole sizes 5 to 9.
Expertly hand wrapped in 14kt gold-filled wire, petals of blue topaz mirror each other in sweet, breezy dangle earrings. USA. 1-3/4"L.
The luminous, misty allure of rainbow moonstone lends this sterling silver band ring ethereal beauty. Exclusive. Whole sizes 6 to 10.
Stackable gemstone rings that can travel solo or together. Matte sterling silver, two with lapis, two with peridot. Whole sizes 5 to 10. Set of three.
Echoing the art and time-honored tradition of Native American jewelry, this hand-stamped sterling silver cuff bracelet by Joey Ebey bears a turquoise cabochon, chosen for its beauty. Each one-of-a-kind. USA. Exclusive. 2-3/8" dia.
Adonnah Langer's hand-loomed beaded bracelet adds subtle sparkle, with sterling silver, brass, Japanese glass and Swarovski beads. Sterling silver end caps and clasp. Exclusive. 6-3/4" to 7-1/2"L.
A trio of sterling silver circles rests within small sterling silver hoop earrings handmade by Jane Diaz. Sterling silver locking wires. 3/4"L.
A hand-cast set of stackable sterling silver and gemstone rings set aglow with garnet and pearls. Exclusive. Whole sizes 5 to 9. Set of 5.
Refreshing as a daytime storm, sterling silver and stone earrings showering with semiprecious gems—chrysoprase, amethyst, aquamarine, coral, conch shell bead and turquoise. By Jes MaHarry. USA. Exclusive. 1-7/8"L.
As if washed ashore by waves, a misty gray freshwater pearl and a labradorite cube surface among the cascading blue gems of our unique turquoise bead necklace. Leather with hand-stamped Thai silver beads, and sterling silver toggle. USA. Exclusive. 18-1/2"L.
Inspired by tribal jewelry, Jane Diaz handcrafted these 10kt rose gold earrings, balancing bold shapes with dainty proportion. 3/4"L.
In these gold-plated and sterling disk earrings, brushed sterling silver and 18kt gold-plated circles play with the light like pebbles in a stream. By Eric Van Peterson. Sterling silver wires. Exclusive. 7/8"L.
Renowned silversmith Jock Favour adds a note of ancient magic in every piece he creates—as in this hand-stamped sterling silver cuff honoring a powerful symbol in Native American lore. USA. Exclusive. 2-3/8" dia.
Sparks shine from within faceted sunstone in a freeform sterling silver ring set with a 14kt gold bezel. Sunstone ring by Emily Amey. USA. Exclusive. Whole sizes 5 to 9.
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