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In this Jes MaHarry turquoise love necklace, the designer etches sweet sentiments on the back of 14kt gold-enrobed turquoise, hanging upon a sterling silver chain accented with coral wrapped in 14kt gold wire. USA. Exclusive. 18-1/2"L.
Turn heads and catch compliments with these stunning hand-beaded earrings by Miguel Ases. Made with Swarovski crystal and Japanese Miyuki beads, they sway from 14kt gold-filled wires. USA. Exclusive. 3"L.
Rose quartz, window set and deftly faceted, blushes softly in a polished 14kt gold-plated ring. Exclusive. Whole sizes 5 to 10.
Each 14kt gold filled oval encircles another of sterling silver, both hand hammered. Exclusive. Made in USA with sterling silver lever back wires. 2"L.
Expertly hand wrapped in 14kt gold-filled wire, petals of blue topaz mirror each other in sweet, breezy dangle earrings. USA. 1-3/4"L.
Sparks shine from within faceted sunstone in a freeform sterling silver ring set with a 14kt gold bezel. Sunstone ring by Emily Amey. USA. Exclusive. Whole sizes 5 to 9.
A pair of unique ruby earrings, wherein three sterling silver dots lead to a faceted ruby, topped with a disk of 18kt gold vermeil within a 14kt gold-filled circle. Sterling wires. USA. Exclusive. 1-3/8"L.
These double ring earrings feature two brushed 14kt gold-filled rings gracefully swaying in sync. USA. Exclusive. 2-1/4"L.
Because it's your favorite color, because denim is your best friend—14kt gold-filled faceted blue onyx drop earrings. USA. Exclusive. 7/8"L.
Mixed metals multiplied by three. Smooth 14kt gold filled rice beads between segments of hammered sterling silver joined to links by grooved beads. Handcrafted in USA exclusively for us. Lobster clasp; 6-1/2" to 7-1/4"L.
Jes MaHarry's handmade coral ring is one-of-a-kind, featuring a 14kt yellow gold bezel and hand-etched, heart-embellished sterling silver band. USA. Exclusive. Whole sizes 5 to 9.
A blazing, faceted blue topaz briolette drops from a delicate 14kt gold filled chain. Lobster clasp. Handmade, by Danielle Welmond, in USA. Exclusive. 16"L.
A bangle of 14kt gold filled slants between two of sterling silver, the three forever joined. Handmade in USA exclusively for us. 2-1/2" dia.
Each faceted turquoise button is framed in 18kt gold plate, swaying beneath a peridot and cultured pearl. French wires. Sundance exclusive handmade in USA. 1"L.
Perfection in pink and white, to wear alone or with other pieces in our Pink Pleasures Collection. white cultured pearls, pink sapphires, 14kt gold filled seed beads and rose quartz briolette, with 14kt gold filled ring and lobster clasp. Handmade in USA. Exclusive. 7-1/2"L.
Nava Zahavi lets a smoothaquamarine speak for itself, wrapping a dramatic sample of the gray-green gem in matte 24kt gold on a slender 10kt gold band. Sundance exclusive in whole sizes 5 to 9.
Three is better than one. Smooth 14kt gold filled rice beads between segments of hammered sterling silver, joined to links by grooved bead trios. Handcrafted in USA. Exclusive. Lobster clasp; 19" to 21"L.
Each mystic aquamarine rondelle appears to stage a dance with starlight. Sundance exclusive. Handmade in USA. Links of 14kt gold filled. Lobster clasp. 16" to 17-1/2"L.
A gold vermeil and sterling silver rings necklace, in which two rings handcast with linear patterns hug, one of 14kt gold vermeil the other of sterling silver. Sterling silver chain and lobster clasp. Made in USA. 17" to 19"L.
Perfection in pink and white, to wear alone or with other pieces in our Pink Pleasures Collection. A faceted pendant of pink chalcedony, framed in 18kt vermeil, drops from a strand of white cultured rice pearls, interspersed with pink sapphires. 14kt gold filled toggle clasp. Handmade in USA. Exclusive. 17-1/2"L.
Stripes hand hammered with light-catching facets march round the length of our exclusive cuff. Sterling silver with one 14kt gold filled stripe. Made in USA. 2-3/8" dia.
Anne Sportun's glittering white topaz briolette earrings are the epitome of crystal clear. The gems pirouette on 14kt gold French wires. A handcrafted exclusive. 7/8"L.
Radiant warmth of carnelian emanates from golden surrounds, punctuated by a trio of granulation beads. Handcrafted exclusive in 22kt vermeil. French wires. 1-1/8"L.
Moved by the beauty of her garden, Jes MaHarry sprinkles hues of lilac quartz, blue chalcedony and amethyst with an eye catching London blue topaz. Handmade in USA with twists of 14kt gold; 14kt rose gold toggle. Approx. 23-1/2"L
Brilliance meets beauty with extravagantly sparkling white sapphires surrounding an apatite of exceptional color and clarity. By Suzanne Kalan in 14kt gold. Spring ring clasp. Handmade in USA. 16" or 18"L.
Nava Zahavi graces half her necklace with two strands of iolites, the other half with a bounty of gemstones, including ruby, agate and chrysoprase wrapped in 24kt gold. Handcrafted exclusive. 24kt gold plate hook clasp. Approx. 28"L.
The slender trail of our gold-plated ring leads to a lake of aqua chalcedony, the stone faceted at its shoreline. A Sundance exclusive in 22kt gold plate on sterling silver. Whole sizes 5 to 9.
Thoi Vo strings double strands of 14kt gold filled with blues from translucent aquamarines to intense London Blue topaz and deep kyanite. Lobster clasp. Handmade in USA. 7" to 8"L.
Suzanne Kalan's apatites are the epitome of perfection...all the more so encircled by glittering white sapphires. Handmade in USA of 14kt gold with French wires. 3/4"L.
Blackened sterling silver dramatizes Margery Hirschey's long cut of pink Peruvian opal. Matte 18kt gold prongs grasp the gem. Exclusive. Handmade in USA. 21"L.
Danielle Welmond shows off bright briolettes of London blue topaz with tiny handwoven loops of gold metallic thread, sparkling in the light. 14kt gold filled French earwires. Handmade in USA. Exclusive. 5/8"L.
Rectangular turquoise offers a smooth counterpoint to crinkled 22kt vermeil. Handmade Sundance exclusive in whole and half sizes 5 to 9.
Love expressed with tiny gestures. Faceted aquamarines with 14kt gold heart charms. Exclusive. Handmade in USA by Jes MaHarry. Posts. 1/2"L.
Amber Swarovski crystals center Miguel Ases' elaborate buttons of Miyuki beads and iridescent crystals. 14kt gold filled posts. Ours exclusively, handmade in USA. 9/16" dia.
Shaped to wrap prettily around the ear lobe, our hoops are fused of 14kt gold plated sterling silver. Posts. 3/8"L.
Rising from a 14kt gold cup, our white topaz sparkles aplenty. Ours exclusively, handmade in USA with sterling silver band and bezel. Whole sizes 5 to 9.
Opalite spheres join Miyuki beads in lacy weavings as colorful as Rio's Carnaval. By Miguel Ases. Handmade in USA with 18kt gold plate and crystal accent beads; 14kt gold filled French wires. Exclusive. 2-3/4"L.
Faceted, pale green amethyst is set flush with its frame. Open back for maximum illumination. Handcrafted exclusive in 22kt vermeil. French wires. 1"L.
This Ananda Khalsa magnolia pendant necklace captures a tiny watercolor painting of a magnolia blossom under crystal in a matte sterling silver frame with 22kt gold accents. Sterling silver chain with hook and eye clasp. Handmade in USA. 16"L.
Lena Skadegard brings her unique aesthetic to a classic in her hand knotted strand of gray cultured pearls. 18kt gold plate hook clasp. Exclusive. 18"L.
The leafy overlay on our tree-bark band leads the eye to a ruby. Sundance exclusive handcrafted of 14kt vermeil on black ruthenium plated sterling silver. Whole sizes 5 to 9.
Each diamond in this Ananda Khalsa ring plucks glints of iridescence from gray-blue sapphire. The designer wraps the gemstones in matte 22kt gold, setting them apart from a border of oxidized sterling silver. Handmade in USA. Whole sizes 5 to 9.
Perfection in pink and white, to wear alone or with other pieces in our Pink Pleasures Collection. Rose quartz briolettes, faceted moonstones and rice pearls on 14kt gold filled hoops and French earwires. Handmade in USA. Exclusive. 1-1/2"L.
A fusion of the linear and the circular, 14kt gold vermeil hoop earrings swing from sterling silver French wires. Handcrafted in USA. 1-7/8"L.
The handcast rings in this bracelet align in a precious paean to diversity ? one of 14kt gold vermeil, the others of sterling silver. Made in USA with a lobster clasp. Approx. 7-1/2"L.
Bell shaped danglers with dancing fringe designed exclusively for us by Miguel Ases. Handmade in USA with blue jade, Japanese Miyuki and crystal beads. 14kt gold filled French wires. 1-3/8"L.
Knotted on cotton twine, smooth spheres of agate punctuate Nava Zahavi's gemstone lineup. A 24kt gold wrapped aqaumarine at centerpoint. Handmade exclusive with 24kt gold plate clasp. 7-1/4"L.
Like a fresh bud, an oval cultured pearl blooms bezel-set on a handcrafted 14kt vermeil band. Exclusive. Whole sizes 5 to 9.
Vintage lapis briolettes flecked with golden highlights anchor lapis and blue sapphire rondelles. 14kt gold filled; French wires. Handmade in USA. 1-1/2"L.
Faceted turquoise buttons rimmed in 18kt gold plate accentuate peridot's green hue. Exclusive. Handmade in USA; brass links. Approx. 16" to 20-3/4"L.
Golden prongs lay claim to dainty peridots enlivened by countless facets. Sundance exclusive handmade in 22kt vermeil. Posts. 1/4"L.
Oxbow fittings handcrafted of matte 14kt gold filled grasp faceted cubes of apatite in a head-turning teal. French wires. Exclusive. Made in USA. 3/4"L.
Gleaming rhodolite garnet clings to the inner arc of glowing 18kt vermeil teardrop earrings hammered to harvest light. French wires. Handcrafted exclusive. 2"L.
Jes MaHarry, embraces amethyst and blue chalcedony with irregular hoops. Sundance exclusive handmade in USA of 14kt gold. French wires. 1-1/8"L.
Cultured gray Biwa pearls flaunt their luster swinging to and fro on 10kt gold French wires. A Sundance exclusive. Handmade in USA by Rebecca Lankford. 5/8"L.
Dewdrop diamonds welcome the warm embrace of matte 14kt gold. The subtly irregular three-in-a-row bezels cling to posts. Handcrafted in USA by Jennifer Dawes. 1/4"L.
Ananda Khalsa's handmade ring wreathes the finger in pressed dots of 18kt gold, their irregular characteristics central to her design. Handcrafted in USA in whole sizes 5 to 9.
Rustic flakes of 18kt vermeil flutter behind mystic aquamarines. 14kt gold filled French wires. Exclusive. Handcrafted in USA. 7/8"L.
Spinning within our sterling silver band is a 14kt gold laurel wreath, a symbol of victory and knowledge. Handcrafted. Whole sizes 5 to 9. 7/16"W.
One delicate cultured freshwater pearl per ear, pinned to a single link on French wires. Handmade in USA by Sarah McGuire in 18kt gold. 3/4"L.
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