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Lovely front to back, faceted lapis is framed in sterling silver and backed with intricate latticework. Sterling silver posts. Exclusive. 5/8"L.
Our exclusive pearl post earrings, with three smaller pearls playing back up to the lead, a luminous pearl dome. Sterling silver bezels and post. 5/8"L.
This pastel gemstone stud earrings set proffers the blush of rose quartz, creamy chalcedony and citrine's golden blaze—each held in handcast sterling silver and ready to complement you. Set of 3. 1/4" to 3/8" dia.
Exhibit your good taste with sterling silver studs shining in moonstone, aquamarine and chalcedony. Exclusive. Set of 3. 5/16" to 3/8"L.
Iridescent white moonstones, blue apatites and red garnets grace these handmade gemstone stud earrings, each pair set in sterling silver. The set of three studs is a handcrafted exclusive. 1/4" to 5/16"L.
A pair of beaded pearl earrings, with handcrafted rims of sterling silver granulation beads complementing the luster of cultured freshwater pearls. Sterling silver French wires. 7/8"L.
In these pearl and silver flower stud earrings, petals handcrafted of sterling silver embrace each cultured button pearl for studs that bloom with beauty. A Sundance exclusive with sterling posts. Approx. 1/4" dia.
Glints of daylight peek through labradorite while moonstones and cultured pearls hint at foggy skies. Handcrafted Sundance exclusive set of 3. 1/4" to 5/16"L.
In this pair of Sundance exclusive diamond and black rhodium earrings, polki diamonds are served up for a special occasion on half-shell diamond hoops. Black rhodium plated sterling silver; 18kt goldplated posts. 1-1/4"L.
The sparkling stones in these white sapphire and silver stud earrings transcend their subtle surrounds. The tiny concave disks of sterling are organically textured and muted with a satin finish. Sterling silver posts. Exclusive to Sundance. 1/4" dia.
A ruby pearl and lapis earrings set, with sterling silver studs set with white cultured pearls, ruby and lapis. Handcrafted. Exclusive. Set of 3; approx. 1/4" dia.
Simple spots of color to dot the ears, in garnet, iolite and peridot. Sundance exclusive set of 3 in sterling silver. 1/8" dia.
Three pairs of earrings to match a day's shifting moods: fiery carnelians, dusky garnets in roped bezels and cheery amethyst flowers. Handcrafted in sterling silver exclusively for Sundance. Posts. 1/8" to 3/8"L.
A red, white and turquoise earrings set that delivers just the pair of posts for every outfit: cultured pearls, coral and turquoise. Handcrafted for Sundance in sterling silver. 1/8" to 3/16" dia.
In these Jane Diaz sterling silver dot earrings, the designer configures three oxidized beads into a tiny, tidy alignment on the earlobe. Handmade of sterling silver; posts. 1/4"L.
Framed in hand-worked sterling silver, prehnite, pearl and iolite offer three ways to look lovely. Exclusive. Set of 3. 5/16" to 3/8" dia.
In these green amethyst silver stud earrings, sterling silver frames faceted raindrops of clear green, glistening amethyst. Sterling silver posts. Exclusive. 5/8"L.
This sapphire, garnet and sterling earring set affords a wardrobe of handcrafted posts: sterling silver spheres, sapphires in flanged bezels, garnets in beaded frames. Exclusive. Set of 3. 1/8" to 3/8"L.
Modeled on an actual sequin, these handcast sterling silver posts are brushed to a matte finish and make the perfect everyday pair. USA. 1/4" dia.
The sizable cuts of gemstone selected for these wine-red ruby stud earrings are reminiscent of a full bodied vintage. The gems are set in platform bezels handmade of sterling silver. Posts with secure earring backs. Exclusive. 1/2" dia.
Faceting reveals the inner luster of the lovely gemstone in these blue lapis stud earrings, each jewel prominent on the ear in a bracket-backed bezel. A handcrafted Sundance exclusive in sterling silver, including posts. Secure earring backs included. 3/8" dia.
Mini matte sterling silver hoop earrings need nothing more to make their simple statement. Handmade in USA by Rebecca Lankford. 5/16"L.
A pair of infinite blue topaz earrings, with fathomless blue shining forth in faceted topaz set in sterling silver crowns upon sterling silver posts. Exclusive. 7/16"L.
A deep teal apatite is clasped in a sterling silver bezel with granulation beads. Handcrafted. 3/8" dia.
Highrise prong settings uphold faceted gems in our exclusive oval garnet stud earrings, the better to elicit the stones' flashes of fiery red. Hand cast in sterling silver. Posts with secure earring backs. 3/16"L.
In these Jane Diaz half daisy earrings, rainbow moonstones flash peacock hues within bezels of blackened sterling silver. Handmade. Posts. 1/2"L x 5/8"W.
Polished sterling silver frames glittering peridot, offering a view that looks so lovely on you. Sterling silver posts. Exclusive. 7/16" dia.
A pair of square garnet berry earrings, with deep, delicious garnet cabochons framed in polished sterling silver bezels on sterling silver posts. Exclusive. Approx. 3/8" sq.
Sunny citrine, blue sky iolite and rainbow moonstone, neatly tucked within the sterling silver bezels of this gemstone stud earrings set. Handcrafted exclusively for Sundance. Set of 3. Each Approx. 3/8"W.
In these pearl flower stud earrings, cultured pearls sprout up from the center of little sterling silver blossoms. Exclusively ours. Posts. 3/8"L.
Jes MaHarry aligns three blue topaz, like Orion's belt in the night sky. Her irregular little topaz hoop earrings are handmade in USA of sterling silver. Exclusive. 1/2" dia. Securing earring backs included.
A pair of labradorite and sterling stud earrings neutral enough to wear with anything, these sterling-framed labradorites reveal an ever-changing array of hues upon closer inspection. A handmade Sundance exclusive with sterling silver posts. 1/4" dia.
A pair of silver and garnet flower stud earrings, with faceted garnet emanating its deep, soulful beauty from within a flower-petal sterling silver frame. Exclusive. 1/2" dia.
With this pearl citrine and labradorite stud earrings set, you can choose your look -- luminous pearl, sparkling citrine or shimmering labradorite -- all framed in sterling silver. Exclusive. Set of 3. Approx 5/16" to 3/8"L.
One generously cut labradorite per ear is enough to showcase this stone's multicolored iridescence. Handmade with pronged sterling silver bezels and posts. 5/16" dia.
Faceted apatite chunks are substantial companions to plump cultured pearls. Window bezels, links and posts in polished sterling silver. 1-1/8"L.
These handmade diamond stud earrings each feature one centerpiece diamond rimmed in smaller diamonds. Crafted with 14kt goldplate and sterling silver; posts. 1/2" oval.
In these Sarah McGuire three diamond stud earrings, the artist pierces each petal of her dainty cloverleaves with a shimmering diamond. The handcrafted studs are a pretty repurposing of recycled sterling silver. Made in USA. 3/8"L.
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In a salute to her 15-year-old border collie Sky, Jes MaHarry suspends smooth aquamarine drops from sterling silver suns. Sterling silver posts. Made in the USA. Exclusive. 1"L.