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Framed in 22kt gold vermeil, the blue depths of faceted lapis create elegant contrasting earrings. 1-1/4"L.
Pink topaz briolettes wink in the light, wired to twists of sterling silver with 14kt gold. Sundance exclusive handcrafted in USA; 14kt gold filled posts. 7/8"L.
The colors of a Pacific sunrise prompted Thoi Vo's palette of briolettes. Green amethyst, rose quartz and moss aquamarine are among the gems. 14kt gold filled; French wires. Handmade in USA. 1-1/2"L.
A procession of white topaz glitters along the front of Jes MaHarry's self-locking hoops. A Sundance exclusive in 14kt gold, handmade in USA. 7/16" dia.
Glittering drops of pink tourmaline are deftly hand-wired to slender hoop earrings of 14kt gold vermeil. Exclusive. 1-7/8"L.
Frosty blue chalcedony rimmed in 18kt vermeil reminds us of the crystalline droplets of dew often seen at sunrise. Fixed wires. Handcrafted in USA. Exclusive. 3/4"L.
Paired with a plump cultured pearl, ruby adds a regal touch. Renee Garvey's hammered matte brass hoops dangle from 10kt gold French wires. Handmade in USA. Exclusive. 2-5/8"L.
Swarovski crystals, blue hydro quartz and Japanese glass beads weave seaborne hues with 18kt vermeil beads and 14kt gold filled accents. 14kt gold filled French wires. Sundance exclusive. 1-1/2"L.
Pink sapphires, apatites and 18kt vermeil disks perch on plump prehnites enlivened by harlequin facets. Sundance exclusive. Handmade in USA with French wires. 7/8"L.
Sarah McGuire mixes organics with geometrics, dangling deeply oxidized sterling silver pod charms from polished rings of 18kt gold. French wires. Handcrafted in USA. 1-1/2"L.
Lapis and labradorite rondelles hang in a cluster from twists of wire. Handmade exclusively for us; 14kt gold filled. French wires. 1-3/8"L.
Three colors of sapphire raindrops twinkle at the, pink and yellow. 14kt gold; French wires. Designed for us by Polly Hart. A USA handmade exclusive. 5/8"L.
Vivid rubies dangle in tandem with gleaming crosses, a perfect pairing on a shiny hoop. 14kt gold filled; French wires. Handcrafted in USA exclusively for us. 1-1/4"L.
Jes MaHarry likens the beauty of her pink tourmalines to that of a nascent bud just peeking out through the greenery. Posts. Ours exclusively, handmade in USA with 14kt gold. 1/2"L.
Window backed settings and kaleidoscopic facets make for a dazzling collaboration. Blue topaz surrounded by 14kt vermeil, handmade exclusively for us. Posts. 5/8"L.
Jane Diaz fuses 10kt gold plated beads into a four leaf clover configuration, deeply oxidizing the spaces in between. Handcrafted. Posts. 3/16"L.
Sparkling droplets bubbling with Swarovski crystals and Miyuki seed beads, handmade in USA by Miguel Ases. 14kt gold filled French wires. 1-3/8"L.
These tiniest of wreaths are delicate adornment, each sparked with pave champagne diamonds. Handmade in USA by Rebecca Lankford. 1/4" dia.
Deep pools of faceted blue topaz invite wishes and dreams. 14kt gold vermeil bezels and posts. Exclusive. 7/16" dia.
Bask in the warmth of 14kt gold-filled earrings, accented with handmade Thai silver beads. USA. Exclusive. 7/8"L.
Dangling dazzlers from Miguel Ases interweave a medley of Swarovski crystals, Japanese Mikyuki beads and 18kt gold plated rondelles. Handmade in USA with 14kt gold filled French wires. Exclusive. 1-3/8"L.
Renee Garvey links appealingly irregular rings, creating kinetic sculptures that sway at the ears. Hammered matte brass rings suspended from 10kt gold French wires. Handcrafted in USA. 2"L.
Dana Kellin wraps petal-like cuts of rose quartz in 14kt gold wire wound round and round. Handmade in USA with French wires. 1-3/8"L.
Our handmade, stacked earrings of carnelian, tourmaline, leather and 18kt gold vermeil were inspired by the red mountains of Utah. 14kt gold-filled wires. USA. Exclusive. 3/4"L.
Wrapped in bezels of 24kt gold, smooth oval apatite, backed in sterling silver, exudes a gleeful shade of teal. Exclusive handcrafted by Nava Zahavi with 14kt gold posts. 5/16"L.
A trail of treasures—turquoise, ruby, sunstone, mystic green quartz and muscovite—sparkle in the wake of a 14kt gold-filled bead and French wires. USA. Exclusive. 2-3/4"L.
Nava Zahavi's pleasantly plump 18kt gold hoops belie their tiny size. Handcrafted exclusive. Satin finish and snap down wires. 1/2"L.
Like stars orbiting the moon, sterling silver beads slide on hammered 14kt gold filled hoops encircling cultured freshwater pearls. Handmade in USA. Exclusive. 14kt gold filled French wires. 1-1/8"L.
Hammered hearts of 18kt gold plate proclaim your love, dangling from strands of tourmaline, iolite and cultured pearls. 14kt gold filled French wires. Handmade in USA. Exclusive. 1-7/8"L.