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Top a red-stained oak base salvaged from Wisconsin dairy farm timbers with reclaimed pine from barn floor joists for sturdy and inviting outdoor furniture ready for the lawn, deck, or patio. One-of-a-kind cracks and knots in the wood reflect the furniture's rich history. Finished with an outdoor oil base. Made in the USA. Catalog exclusive. 8' table, 96"L x 36"W x 30"H; 6' table, 72"L x 36"W x 30"H.
$1,795.00 - $1,995.00
Classic French bistro design, this carrot-colored table is steel, with polyester powder coating to retain gloss and color. France. 30" dia. x 29"H.
From country kitchen to backcountry hideaway, our inviting and invincible gather-round table is the ideal place for casual banquets, family game nights, about-time reunions and anytime conviviality. Crafted entirely of rustic reclaimed pine salvaged from Midwestern barns, these smoothed-down pieces proclaim their long-lived charm in every knot, nick and notch. The better to add authenticity and character to any environment. Lacquered for suitable outdoor protection. 8' table fits 6' bench; 6' table fits 4' bench. Exclusive. Large, 96"L x 36"D x 30"H; Small, 72"L x 36"D x 30"H.
$1,495.00 - $1,795.00
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Reclaimed pine floor boards from Wisconsin’s old Norwalk School House add a sense of history and heritage to our simply handsome table with a broad plank top and sturdy pillar legs. Handcrafted in the USA in 6 to 10 ft. lengths, finished with a water-based, low-sheen lacquer. Wonderfully worn, these floor planks retain the characteristics of reclaimed wood. Catalog exclusive. All tables are 37-1/2"W x 30"H.
$1,995.00 - $2,695.00
Sturdy planks of pine reclaimed from boats create a breakfast bar the whole family can gather around. Wax finish. Imported. 80"W x 25"D x 36"H.
Highly functional, environmentally smart and elegantly modern to boot. Features sturdy iron construction topped with recycled tire tread that will stand up to use for miles to come. Imported. 71"L x 28-3/4"W x 30"H.
Resting upon a sturdy trestle, a tabletop of reclaimed pine planks that once served as floor joists in country barns now support family gatherings and meals with friends. Handcrafted in the USA. Rust-finished steel. 37"W x 30"H.
$1,995.00 - $2,295.00
Our handcrafted fumed oak table, made of reclaimed wood, grows with your guest list. Simply add the 12" leaves, ingeniously constructed to slip in securely at table ends, and make room for one and all. USA. Exclusive. 84"W x 38"D x 30"H; plus two 12" table leaves.
Reclaimed tobacco drying racks and vintage tin wall paneling add character to our island with an oiled butcher block top made from reclaimed pickle barrel staves. Open shelves, a cabinet and drawer provide ample storage. Made in USA exclusively for Sundance. Color placement will vary. 54"W x 26"D x 36"H.
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Hand-hewn timber legs crisscross, supporting a tabletop made of wide pine planks salvaged from mid-century barns that once dotted the prairies. This table invites you to make a little history of your own with friends and family sharing food and trading stories. USA. 38"W x 30"H.
$1,995.00 - $2,195.00
Sturdy white oak reclaimed from the American Tobacco Factory in Louisville, Kentucky, is upcycled into an oval table equally suited to a country farmhouse or urban loft. Planked top with velvet oiled finish tops braced trestle legs varnished a rich tobacco brown. Fits up to 6 chairs. Handcrafted in USA. Catalog exclusive. 96"L x 43"W x 30"H. (Painting by Nicole Strasburg.)
Generously wide planks of seasoned, sustainably-sourced wood create a modern table that forms a striking focal point for your dining room or great room. Large enough to welcome family and friends—at the same time. Lacquered matte sealed finish; each one of a kind. Imported. 89"L x 39"D x 31"H; 53"W x 16"D x 27"H base.
We love round tables. They inspire conversation, imbue a feeling of togetherness, or simply soften a space with their graceful curves. Ours introduces art into the mix with a sturdy tabletop of glowing natural teak set upon tapered iron legs with a sculpted, roughhewn finish that evokes the work of the famed Swiss artist Giacometti. Made in USA. 36" Dia x 30"H and 59" Dia x 30"H.
$1,995.00 - $2,595.00
Optimum blend of old and new, our clean, contemporary table begins with rugged pine reclaimed from the floor joists of a dairy barn in Plymouth, Wisconsin. The unique patina of the 2-1/2" thick planked top results from years of lime wash repeated annually as barn maintenance. Made in the USA. Catalog exclusive. Two sizes, 72"W x 36"D x 30"H and 96"W x 36"D x 30"H.
$1,795.00 - $2,195.00
Long on style, substance and, well, length, our table is the ideal place to gather for family celebrations, friendly game nights and come-one-come-all neighborhood meet-and-greets. Handcrafted from rustic reclaimed pine, each plank and pole salvaged from Midwestern barns, the pieces exude ample character and charisma in their notches, knots and nicks—a patina earned over generations, destined for generations to come, and burnished by a hand-rubbed beeswax finish. 8' table seats 10; 6' table seats 8. Exclusive. Some leg assembly required. Large, 96"L x 36"D x 30"H; Small, 72"L x 36"D x 30"H.
$1,495.00 - $1,795.00
Our distillery table embodies the spare, utilitarian beauty of old farmhouse furniture, designed to accommodate lots of elbows and appetites and that feeling of fellowship that comes with sharing a good meal. In that tradition, our table is sturdy and solid, crafted from the recycled pine floors of English distilleries, fine and finished on top, rustic and raw underneath. A table around which memories are made. Made in the USA. Available in three sizes, 6', 7' or 8'.
$1,295.00 - $1,695.00
Rustic, reclaimed wood, still with random patches of color, bows just a bit to the civilizing influence of shapely silhouetted legs. We also like this piece used as a desk. Imported. In two lengths, to seat up to eight. Color placement will vary. Small, 72"L x 36"W x 30"H; large, 96"L x 36"W x 30"H.
$1,295.00 - $1,495.00
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Dating back to 1917, maple wood salvaged from Thomas Alva Edison’s New London, Wisconsin, cabinet factory becomes the rugged butcher block top of this nostalgic island, finished with reclaimed whiskey oak legs. Three drawers offer ample storage, with room for larger items on the wide slatted shelf below. Iron hardware. As you might imagine, this is a limited edition. Handcrafted in the USA. Catalog exclusive. 54"W x 25"D x 35"H.
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