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These cheerful blooms thrive wherever they're planted. In the garden, on a wall, in a bedroom, in a bathroom, anywhere that calls for color and a smile. They're made of recycled wood and metal, hand-painted and one of a kind. Made in the USA. Yellow, 12"W x 1"D x 12"H; Lilac, 11"W x 1-1/2"D x 11"H; Oldora, 11"W x 1"D x 11"H; Sunflower, 11"W x 1-1/2"D x 11"H; Lilred, 9"W x 1"D x 9"H. Sold individually.
Jes MaHarry and her husband, Patrick Henderson, created this glowing sun of reclaimed metal and painted it on both sides so its artfulness shines from every angle. Made in the USA. Exclusive. Approx. 14" to 16"W x 14-1/2" to 17"H.
These cheerful butterflies and dragonfly will make any indoor or outdoor space come alive with color. Recycled wood/barn tin, handpainted and one-of-a-kind. USA. Catalog exclusive. Approx. 12" to 16" dia. x 1-3/4"D x 10"H. Sold separately.
The long and short of inventive artrecycled pine siding from Midwest barns is fashioned into an old-school ruler to lean in a corner just so. USA. Exclusive. 12"W x 72"H.
Give a room, patio or porch a twinkling ambiance with this rustic star light made of distressed, reclaimed sheet metal. Will rust beautifully over time. String lights included. Imported. Approx. 36" dia. x 5"D.
So handy, with six sliding hooks for your raincoat, dog leash, beach towels and more. Powder-coated. Metal. Mounting screws not included. Imported. 22"W x 8"D x 9"H.
A cheery message to family and friends created by artist Rebecca Puig, to be enjoyed every day in the kitchen, great room or bedroom. Print on wood with hand-finished, recycled wood frame. USA. 36"W x 2"D x 36"H.
Isn't any time ice cream time? Now you have the ice cream cone clock to prove it. Inspired by iconic British styles. Wood composite. Imported. 7-3/4"W x 2"D x 18"H.
Isn't any time ice cream time? Now you have the "Time To Buy Ice Cream" clock to prove it. Inspired by iconic British styles. Wood composite. Imported. 17-1/5"W x 2"D x 24-4/5"H.
Isn't any time ice cream time? Now you have the novelty ice cream clock to prove it. Inspired by iconic British styles. Wood composite. Imported. 7-1/3"W x 2"D x 18"H.
You'll look three times as good in this beveled, rolled-edge, three-faced hinged mirror. Mounts on wall or stands separately. Glass/brass/iron. Imported. Exclusive. 37-1/2"W x 3/4"D x 16"H.
Uncle Henry the goat drives his buddy to the ranch in this steel wall sculpture signed by artists Jes MaHarry and Patrick Henderson. USA. Exclusive. 16"W x 1/4"D x 9"H.
They say that new friends are silver, and old friends gold. This framed Rebecca Puig dog print is a way to honor those most treasured friends—artfully. Painted by Rebecca Puig and printed on recycled wood fencing. Made in the USA. 24-1/2"W x 2-1/2"D x 35"H.
Spell it out or just put your initial on it—these red letters let you make the message—and the space—yours. Welded sheet metal. Imported. Please specify letter. Approx. 5" to 8"W x 10"H.
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Handpainted, of recycled metal, this whimsical wall sculpture made by Jes MaHarry and her husband Patrick Henderson brings peace into your home. USA. Exclusive. 12"H x 15-1/2"W.
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Let it shine—peace, love and light—in a handmade piece from Jes MaHarry and her husband Patrick. Steel. USA. Exclusive. 15-1/2"W x 15-1/2"H.
A direct order of the most pleasant sort, handcrafted by an Amish craftsman known around Lancaster County as Rusty Merv. Merv himself cuts the sheet steel, then applies a rust-red weatherproof paint finish for the patina of a vintage flea-market collectible. 58"W x 20-1/2"H.
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Cast a beautiful reflection in this beveled, rolled-edge mirror. Comes with a hanging chain. Glass/brass/iron. Imported. Exclusive. 12"W x 3/4"D x 16"H.
As Utah artist Brian Kershisnik celebrates individuality, he reflects on the ephemeral nature of human existence. Giclée pigment print of original painting, on fine art paper, ready for framing. 9"W x 22"H.
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Take your pick of Rebecca Puig’s charming small prints—nature’s pleasures, bright patterns and precious words, printed on wood and uniformly framed in hand-stained wood lattice. Made in USA. Mix as many as suits your space and your soul. 8-1/4" sq.
A couple dance, celebrating the season with simple beauty, in this limited edition print by Utah artist Brian Kershisnik. Limited edition: prints are numbered. Sold unframed. 22-1/2"W x 28"H.
Big believers in the power of love, the husband and wife team of Jes MaHarry and Patrick Henderson creates a joyous "wreath" of hearts for Valentine's and every day. Hand cut from rolled steel, handpainted in happy colors and adorned with glitter and trade beads, it's a forever Valentine for someone you love. USA. Exclusive. Signed by the artists. 11"W x 13"H.
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Say it big. Simple—eternally stirring—words are printed in red on whitewashed wood, hand framed in recycled pine. It's a Valentine for every day. USA. 18"W x 26"H.
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Framed in pine, this bright flower reminds you to reach for the sun and bloom wherever you're planted. Handmade in the USA by Rebecca Puig. 35"W x 2"D x 35"H.
Keep mementos close to heart with this recycled, handworked wire wall sculpture. Photos and cards slip right in to make a display that’s yours alone. Imported. 20-1/2"W x 28"H.
We've woven unbleached linen with gossamers of silver thread for a sophisticated window dressing that filters light yet offers privacy. Pole pocket. Gathered detail at hem. Machine wash. Imported. Exclusive. 84" x 48", 96" x 48", 108" x 48".
$95.00 - $125.00
Breezy cotton voile, softly sheer and double-layered with blockprinted rosettes on one layer and solid ivory on the other, gently filters light while offering privacy. Machine wash. Imported. Exclusive. 84" x 40", 96" x 40", 108" x 40".
$85.00 - $115.00
Handmade by artist Jes MaHarry and her husband Patrick Henderson, this work of "heart" welcomes all who enter your home with a message of love and peace. Handcut, handpainted steel hangs from leather cords strung with colorful trade beads. Signed by the artists and made in the USA. Approx. 10"W x 11"H.
Unabashedly red-faced as time goes by, our grand-scale wall clock pays retro-modern homage to a vintage English design. Painted wood composite with metal hands and quartz movement. Takes 1 AA battery (not included). 19-3/4" sq.
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An Amish craftsman, known around Lancaster County as Rusty Merv, makes each sign by hand. Just like a vintage fleamarket find, it's cut from sheet steel with a rusted, weathered paint finish that varies slightly from piece to piece. 26"W X 16-1/2"H.
Switch it on and make the most of every day. By Rebecca Puig. Aluminum/brass/PVC. USA. Limited edition. Halogen bulbs included. 22"W x 6"D x 26"H.
Create a memory tree or simply jog your memory with this handcrafted magnet board by artists Jes MaHarry and Patrick Henderson. Handpainted steel. USA. 11"W x 13-1/2"H. Magnets sold separately.
Give jackets, hats, scarves, even Fido’s leash a place to perch, beneath our parade of birds, handcrafted in recycled metal with an aged finish. Four well-spaced hooks provide plenty of hang-ups. Imported. Exclusive. 50"W x 2"D x 10"H.
To celebrate close-knit families, Kathryn Arnett gives a little heart to each member of her whimsical family, handmade from recycled corrugated metal and wire. Make your own family—and don’t forget your pets! Imported. Dog 7-1/2"W x 4"H, cat 4-3/4"W x 6"H.
Greet guests and family with love. Made of steel handcut by Patrick Henderson and handpainted by Jes MaHarry, each is a unique work of art signed by the artists. Made in USA. Exclusive. Approx. 14-1/2"W x 16-1/2"H.
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Art that stands apart from the herd - our colorful goat, handcrafted from reclaimed wood boards, each retaining its original paint, grooves or routing. Hook for hanging. 31"W x 1-1/2"D x 32"H.
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To celebrate close-knit families, Kathryn Arnett gives a little heart to each member of her whimsical family, handmade from recycled corrugated metal and wire. Make your own family—and don’t forget your pets! Imported. Dad 7-1/4"W x 13-1/2"H, mom 7-1/4"W x 13-1/2"H.
Jes MaHarry and Patrick Henderson create a cross emblazoned with life's real treasures—sun, love, a bird, butterfly and horse. Handpainted sheet steel, handcrafted in USA, signed and dated by the artists. Exclusive. 9"W x 12"H
Originally from Salt Lake City, Nicole Strasburg now paints in Santa Barbara, California, where "nature is an inspiration and always brings me back to center, puts me in perspective of my place in the world and offers comfort in its noisy silence." Her evocative paintings focus on open space, an endless horizon and "the quiet contemplation that takes place when really spending time alone with oneself," attributes clearly visible in New Year Sky, an oil painting that captures the winter sky and seascape. Citing winter as a magical time along the Santa Barbara shoreline, Nicole seeks to capture the light that dances on the water, bouncing reflections and creating a sparkle only present in the early months of the year. Original oil painting on birch wood panel. 40"W x 18"H.
This sentimental note board from Jes MaHarry and Patrick Henderson reverses from mellow yellow to a rust finish. Hand­crafted cold rolled steel hangs from a leather cord knotted with trade beads. Includes orange flower, red heart and blue bird magnets. Made in USA. Exclusive. 10"W x 10-1/2"H.
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Modern folk art for all 50 states. A fitting tribute to America's legendary fascination with the open road and our equally intense passion for the states near and dear to us. Each and every one of them is available, individually crafted by artist Aaron Foster from hand-cut vintage license plates, waxed, sanded and assembled by hand. A lighthearted and heartfelt reminder of your roots, your favorite vacation spot or your adopted home. Cedar backing. Red background on all states except for Arizona and Montana, see additional views. Exclusive. 50"W x 3"D x 22"H.
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Handmade and signed by Jes MaHarry and her husband Patrick Hendersen, this colorful cascade of hearts swings, sways, and swoons with the art of love. Recycled metal. African trade beads. USA. Exclusive. Approx. 30"L x 9"W.
Rebecca Puig’s fanciful animals and field flowers show we can all get along, printed on wood in a rustic reclaimed wooden frame. Made in USA. 22"W x 18"D.
In a paean note to nature, this print glories in colorful birds, flowers and river stones. Printed on wood, framed in recycled wood. Made in USA. Approx. 20"W x 2-1/2"D x 38"H.
Folk art with a fondness for the wide-open road. Artist Aaron Foster translates his interest in maps into large-scale art, using license plates old and new, which he hand-cuts into the shape of each state. Alaska and Hawaii are separate pieces. As each map is an original, wood, finish and license plates will vary. If you're big on space and your tastes run to the extreme, you'll love the Colossal License Plate USA—our beyond-gargantuan version of this very same map. D rings included for hanging. Mainland map is approx. 57"W x 1-1/2"D x 33"H.
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